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    {HELP} Was buying this kid worth it?

    I'm atm at Racing Club de Lens in 2017, got them promoted in the first season n in the 2nd season finished 13th in Ligue 1, i got 9~ million for my transfer budget and i decided to spend 3m on this kid, he looked pretty good to me and the most important thing is he was interested in joining my...
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    Who should i buy out of these 2????? HELP

    I need a BWM, who should i buy out of these 2, money isn't a prob, HALP.
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    Should i sell my key/fan favourite player?!! HELPMEH

    So im right now on my 3rd season w/ Leeds, my team has 2 fan favourite players and i already sold 1 last season, the fans wasn't too happy about that, the only thing that held them from going ape **** on me was the fact that the team got a healthy profit. Now only Mowatt is left, i got an offer...
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    Add more leagues to the game?!

    So when i started my save i put in only a few nations and a SMALL database, regreted this choice ALOT. So can someone help me how i can get more leagues and stuff installed in my current save, it doesn't have to be playable, just need to have the players from that league, HALP!!!!
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    Just Bought This Kid for a crazy price, wurf?

    So i was on my Leeds career mode looking for some youngsters, came across the Japan U22 team and found this kid, love at first sight. So i had to pay 750k + 30 months of 1mil to get him, and he wanted 150k/pyear. I agreed to all of that. So my question is should i sign him or should i reject...