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    FM08 Forum

    Alot of fans still play it and so i decided to keep it alive by creating a forum below. NEW LINK UP
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    FM Editor Live 15

    Here is the fm editor live. - FM 2015 Downloads by sathwik
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    Instant Result FM15 Skin

    This is the default skin with the instant result button. FM 2015 (Instant Result).zip - FM 2015
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    Latest transfer update(not official)

    Here is the latest transfer update it is not official by si 25,018 changes to the database, 431 Non league transfers and Managers in England and Scotland You will not find a database around that covers every playable and non playable league in the FM community. And once again I will be...
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    Fantasy Kits Requests

    Im not the best at making fantasy kits(far from it) but i can do them okish, if anyone wants to request fantasy kits post away and ill help out. Post the following when requesting thanks. TEAM: SPONSOR: KIT MAN: Some of my recent kits.
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    2013 Update

    Heres a little update i did, its v1.0 so ill continue to edit it as normal, feel free to post your suggestions below and give me feedback aswell thanks, enjoy it. PS: This will require a new game to be started. 02/09/13 v1.0 Release Notes Changed hull stadium to KC Stadium Changed hull to...
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    FM 13 Kits work in FM12 ?

    Hi will football manager 2013 kits work in FM2012 as FM13 doesn't work on my laptop for unknown reasons.
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    Goal Thread

    Just a thread to post your or AI goals for people that still play it....
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    Anyone still playing this ?

    Just wondered if anyone still plays this, saw the game for a fiver so bought it as its the last fm that works on my pc lol, if people still do ill start making kits, also can someone post the fm 10 kit sizes like 100x85 example.