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    Dzenis Burnic, 'THE ANIMAL'

    Hi guys, As I haven't found an article or even a single screenshot of this kid, I thought it's a must share now. Please note, that I'm still playing FM15, but the kids attributes are quite similar (post a screenshot if you can pls.) Managing Dortmund now, and found this 16yo monster in the...
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    Facepack issue

    Hi guys, Yesterday after I've installed the helvetica light skin, my precious cut-out faces were disappeared, howeveer logos and kits are displayed. What I'm suspecting is that the skin pack's config file fckd the game's config up in the fundamental **** so the game currently dunno how to...
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    Hi guys, This morning I woke up with a cracking idea, I would simply call it as the 'Ultimate Transfer Competition'. (H) The ultimate (kick me if I use this word again) goal of the challenge would be to make the biggest possible profit on a player. Yes, pure profit, e.g. selling the 70M rated...
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    Hi guys, As the subject indicates this thread is about the best business you've done in FM15 concentrating on player transfers - but of course if you managed to hire Jose Mourinho as your Assistant Manager, fine, that's quite something. :P So, let me open the topic with my Sergi Roberto sale...
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    Guys...I had a terrible nightmare. I've seen this guy, called Talisca. I have no ****** idea what the ****** **** is going on, but this man became a real *******, a goal machine, an assist terminator. Last season he was on fire, scored 20+ goals from a MIDFIELD position - a hat trick againts...