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    Didn't receive prize money from Copa Libertadores?

    hi, My first appearance in the Copa Libertadores I got knocked out in the group stages, however I was still happy as I saw participation money of 600k in the rules, the tournament as now finis ed and i still havent received any sort of participation money.. have I interpreted this rule wrong...
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    Uruguayan First Division Help

    hey, anyone know why I got relegated here or is it a bug?? this is a picture of the aggregate table after the opening and closing stages of the Uruguayan First Division.. I finished 15th with 11 points after the opening stage, then 7th with 23 points in the closing stage
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    Help with Edited Data

    i've made my own database, but when ever i click new game, it comes up with an error message, a crash dump. does anyone know how to fix this? sorry if theres a thread that had a solution already; but i wasn't sure if it was the same for an edited database ---------- Post added at 08:00 PM...
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    Recomending staff role

    Gary Neville and Edwin Van Der Sar both have 6 months left on there contract, so i interacted with them and recommend that Neville to become assistant manager, and Edwin a coach. they both replied with 'i could start right now if you want me too!' so i offer them the roles previous mentioned...
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    loading leagues

    i'm playing from my save from the demo, were you can only have one league. i've now bought the game, is it possible to load more leagues to it? or will you have to start a new game to get more leagues thanks in advance x
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    Custom music data not supported?

    i put my own custom playlist onto fifa 11, but then a message comes up saying data type is not supported. what data types are supported on fifa? and how could i change my files to be that data type? thanks :)
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    3rd Time Lucky

    The Diary of Alex Burley My Second season as Manchester United manager ending in disappointment once again. Since Sir Alex Ferguson's shock death after a car accident in the summer of 2009, My time at the club hasn't been all that was expected of me. Don't get me wrong, i haven't had two...
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    One Season as A first team = Legend?

    just finished my second season, Jonny Evans was only cover in the first season, but in my second season he's my first choice defender. And he's already A legend at Manchester United? :|
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    Mental Attributes for Manager?

    i'm just wandering how football manager works out your stats for these, and how they can be improve/decreased: Club/Player Loyalty Domestic Player Bias Financial Control Hands on Approach Squad Discipline Tactical consistency
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    Rodrigo Possebon

    how does he turn out in a few seasons, is he any good? i gave him the debut a few games in season 10/11 and he scored a 30 yard curler, in the carling cup. so i'm just wandering if anyone has some screenies of him in 2015 or something? much love x
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    Has anyone else had this?

    Basically, Shaktar are trying to buy Diouf, they've placed about 9 offers for him, going from 5.5m to 10m in 4 offers, then going back down to 5.5m and back up to 10m, then repeating.
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    Position Training

    just a quick question. is it possible to train someone in a new position achieving natural in that position. or is accomplished the highest it can go? thanks x
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    who's going to perform/flop this season?

    Which players do you think will be most successful this season? i think Berbatov might finally come good for Man United, and Aqualani if he's given the games. Hart will be good aswell as he seems to be first choice now. Judging by his first few games, Joe Cole might turn out to be a massive...
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    work permit problem

    i searched for this but coulnt' find a thread after a couple of clicks, i'm not going to spend ages looking for the answer, so i was hoping someone would help. i bought a player from the USA, he got his work permit allowing him to come to my club, however, he's unavailable to play because he...
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    Fifa 10 World Cup Tournament (PS3)

    if people are interested, i'll organize a world cup tournament (group stages then a knockout) for the Ps3 i'll post rules when there's enough people minimum 16 maximum 32 last day to join is Sunday 18th June. add name to list: 1. Midge
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    Can anyone...

    organize a tournement for Fifa 10 on the ps3? i'm not much of an organizer, and i wouldn't know how to do it, so don't suggest 'do it yourself' please yeah.
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    The Post Ferguson Era

    Sky sports have announced the official retirement of Old Trafford legend Sir Alex Ferguson. The media are already speculating who will take charge of Manchester United Football Club, and if there is anyone out there who could emulate Ferguson’s success during his 25 years as manager with him...