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    Liverpool 1st window

    Looking for a CM and also a CB, central midfielder and ball playing defender. I have about £60mil to spend, I've already brought in Donnarumma and Kuki, as well as a couple of other youth players. Not a big fan of Lallana so wanting to replace; looked at Goretza (not sure on spelling) but...
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    Tablet Question Would this be able to play FM? Is it a full OS or some type of mobile? Obviously will need to able download steam
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    New/improve stadium

    Just a quick one; how long after a stadium has been built do you get the option of expanding/building new? For some reason I'm thinking 15 years, have I just made that up? I'm managing Arsenal and after 3 very successful seasons I'm wanting to expand the Emirates, next year will be 2021 so 15...
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    Position training

    Am i being really stupid? Every player in my squad has the 'Position/Role' option greyed out when you right click on them; is there something I'm missing? It's a bit pants as I need to retrain a few players!
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    Affiliate clubs

    Is anyone else having difficulty having the board agree to affiliate clubs, specifically feeder clubs? I'm currently Arsenal and coming to the end of my 2nd season. I won the PL in the 1st season and I'm on course to win it again, same with the Champions League. Finances are good, £400mil in...
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    I know I've seen a previous thread on this but no idea where; just a quick question... When do you first hear about this? I've just started my second season and nothing so far.
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    Quick question...

    Will editor files from FM11 work with FM12? The reason i ask is that i downloaded Rons English lower leagues and cups database last year (cant remember the proper name for it but it was by far the greatest addition to FM, credit to him for taking the time because it was brilliant!) and i cant...
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    Best team (obviously besides your own!)

    Apologies if there already is a thread but i have not come across one..... Simple question, besides the obvious big teams (Barce, Real, City, United etc) and your own team, is there any computer managed team in your save that is just simply amazing? In my current City save, i am in 2014 and...
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    U19's Champions League

    Sorry if there is already a thread on this, but how does qualification work? Does your first team need to win certain trophies in order for your U19's to participate?
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    Deep lying forward?

    Any good deep lying forwards? Looked for hours but only seem to find target men and poachers! I have Dzeko and Quintero for that!! Any help would be massively appreciated!
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    Great Britain team?

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but i've just started fm 2012 and was wondering.... Is there a GB team in the Olympics and if so are they managable?