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    your best free transfers...

    Started my second season as Southampton. Strapped for cash even though I qualified for CL. Picked up Ben area and pereyra on frees. Ben arfa has so far got me 13goals 12 assists in 12 games average rating of 8.45 nd pereyra has 3 goals 4 assists in 12 but has over 70 key passes and average...
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    343 tactis

    looking to build my own 343, been trying to find a successful one online but cant seem to find many. just want a basic template to work with and customize to my team. looking to play 3cb with wb two cm in bwm and dlp then 3 st probably a false9 poacher and dlf want to play a high pressing game...
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    munir or jesse?

    had bids accepted for these two young spanish forwards, not sure which one to buy though? personal experiences from them would help make up my mind
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    Stopping cristiano ronaldo

    so my first season in CL as Saints drew Real Madrid in first knockout stage, i won 4-3 but ronaldo absolutely destroyed me, scoring a hatrick and missing at least 5 other chances that he should of put away and hit the post twice. got my game saved before the next leg waiting to play but...
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    The Southampton Way

    As a saints fan I am massively impressed with how we have performed this season . Especially with all the outgoings I'm the summer, I was sure we'd be battling relegation like times of old. So I guess the point of this thread is to get your opinions of our season. I think koemans transfers have...
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    My saints story

    USo i finally decided to blog my fm13 career as saints fc manager. After several starts and fiddles with tactic, training and formations etc, i started my career. Playing classic mode with english leagues.

So my first port of call is always the same when playing as saints on fm, the free agents...