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    A new type of challenge?

    I was just thinking about a new type of challenge while playing FM. I don't know if anyone else would be interested in this but since I already have a long term save (No signings allowed, only academy players) I won't be able to try it out fully but will probably be my challenge for FM20. The...
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    Will there be an official january transfer update?

    Pretty much the title, I'm thinking about getting FM16 soon; but I'd rather wait if there is a january/february update on its way. Obviously, if there hasn't been an announcement (or w/e) about it, it might be hard to say but I'm pretty sure there has always been a official transfer update after...
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    Strikers or AMC's, which do you think is harder to find?

    Pretty much the title. Do you think its harder to find a good striker than finding a good AMC, or vice versa? Reason I'm wondering this is 'cause I have this talent who is able to play both AMC & Striker, and I'm not sure what to train him as.
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    Save, a year or so in the future?

    Pretty much the title. I didn't know where I should post this so I hope this will do. I'm looking for a save (preferably with the latest LFC update) that is a season or so in the future, max 5 years in the future preferably. I was simulating a save, but my computer accidentally crashed so I...
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    Future World class leftback?

    I'm on the newest LFCMarshall update & I'm looking for a left back, preferably under 19. Maximum 21. Budget is no problem, but the more reasonable price the better.
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    GRAPHICS PROBLEM - Only a few logos showing

    What the ****? This happens with every logopack. Some of the teams are showing, and some aren't. Does anyone know how to fix this? The files are in the right folder and I've already cleared my cache. Thank you.
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    How much "better" is it to have a specific role - training?

    So.. I holiday:ed (or whatever it is called) a season on a new FM save & I forgot to select training methods (like, specific roles/attribute) so all the player went one season with "default" training methods, how much does this affect the players/player attributes? So.. "TL;DR": No specific...
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    Shane Long

    I think most of you here on FM-Base has noticed Shane Long by now, he's a beast in game in v13.0.0 but I was wondering.. is he the same on the new update? Is he upgraded/downgraded or untouched? That is all, thanks.
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    50% Sell-on clause, does it work as I think it does?

    So.. picture this scenario: I sold a player for £5M with a 50% Sell-on clause, if I buy him back for £10M.. will he only cost me £5M, since my club should recieve 50% of the transfer?
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    Which team is stronger on paper?

    Hey guys! I thought of a new type of thread, where you'll compare in game squads with eachother "on paper". When answering, you'll have to put some pros/cons of each team! (When you're longer in the game, you'd have to show screenshots of every player of the first team) So I'll start. Which...
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    Madman Meneses | Taking Liverpool to world domination

    Emilio Meneses, who is nicknamed Loco Meneses; "Madman" Meneses, has finally arrived in Liverpool. Despite being unknown, FSG have reached out to the media telling them that Madman Meneses has their full support. Why is he called "Madman" Meneses? That will all be revealed soon enough. Madman...
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    Southampton | Pique & co | January, second season |

    Hey! I need some help, or rather tips, with my current Southampon team. As Barcelona was underachieving and Pique was unhappy, I placed a bid of £52M (over 48 months) on Pique. The offer was accepted but I never thought Pique would negotiate with Southampton, but he did and he has accepted to...
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    What makes happiness?

    What do you think defines or "makes" happiness? What does happiness mean to you, and can it be permanent?
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    The Abusement Park League

    THE ABUSEMENT PARK LEAGUE Have you ever wondered how your favorite team would do up against 19 other world class teams in the world? In this challenge, you'll find out! Also! There is two divisions, which means that the teams in the league will constantly change! The modifications I've made...
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    Managing a nation

    I didn't know where to put my question so I made a thread. When managing a nation, what leagues should you load? Can you call in a player with the same nationality as your nation from a non-playable league?
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    Barcelona on LFCMarshalls update

    Which of the youngsters are worth keeping? I'm talking about the Barca main squad, the u19s and the B team I know that these are worth keeping: Muniesa, Montoya, Marc Bartra, Cuenca, Fontas (not quite sure?), Deulofeu, Rafinha, Thiago, Alex Song (if you count him as a youngster), Femenia...
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    Jiloan Hamad - Malmö FF

    Name: Jiloan Hamad Club: Malmö FF D.O.B: 6.11.1990 Nationality: Swedish Position: AML/AMR Strengths: Dribbling, Flair, Acceleration, Pace Weaknesses: Finishing, Decisions Description: Winger Personality: Fairly Professional Suggested Roles: Personally - Inside Forward, just train his...
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    Liverpool: Let us take over the world, together.

    Hello and welcome to my story. My name is Emilio Meneses and I am going to let you in on my adventure with the team in my heart, Liverpool FC. I'm probably going to update after every season or so. My Goals ~Short Term (The first three seasons)~ |x|x| * Finish top 4, first season. * Qualify...
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    Chelsea: My story.

    Update 1: The beginning of a new Era. This will sound strange, but please; let me explain. For you to fully understand what this is all about we'll have to go back to the beginning. That day. The moment. It all started with me playing Football Manager (the 2012 edition) with Chelsea, despite...
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    So what is your opinion on them, also.. What do you think about the new guitarrist? Personally; I think he's quite bad. At the same time, he might just need some time to "blom". (: Also, I've uploaded Can't Stop & Californication from the live concert that was streamed on youtube yesterday if...