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    [FM12] Luuk de Jong

    Hi all, I started playing with Arsenal, and was looking for a third decent (preferably) Dutch striker. Chamakh left, Luuk de Jong got in in January. Van Persie was injured a lot during the season, so whenever he was able to play he did, on the right wing as Luuk impressed in the stiker...
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    Preordered through FM-Base, please help?

    Hi guys, I have pre-ordered Football Manager 2012 through FM-Base about an hour ago. I did receive an e-mail from Paypal that the transaction was successful, but I haven't had any e-mail from Nexway confirming my order. Does anyone have any experience with ordering the game through FM-Base? Is...
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    The real tiki taka [work in progress]

    Alright, as I felt there had to be another way of playing tiki taka, with enough creative freedom I started all over and so far it's working magnificent. Here are some screenshots + download. :)
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    [FM11 - 11.3] - 4-5-1 by omfgbbqpls

    4-5-1 formation by omfgbbqpls. What can we see above? GK - Sweeper keeper (support) DR - Full back (defend) DCR - Limited defender (cover) DCL - Central defender (stopper) DL - Full back (defend) DMC - Deep lying playmaker (defend) MCR - Central midfielder (support) MCL - Advanced playmaker...