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    Faces mega packs help needed

    Im very sorry if this is a noob sort of question: how the heck can i get the megapack faces into my game? thanks for the help
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    Deleting Players

    Hey everybody, sorry if this is really stupid, but are you able to delete existing players on a new database on the editor? And if so, how? Thanks
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    FM 14 winter updated database

    hi guys, does anyone know when the updated database will be released? I read somewhere it was the 11th of february, but on my fm it still isnt loaded...
  4. S needed!

    Sorry guys if Im asking really stupid questions, but does fm editor cost? Do I have to download it separatly? I would also like some begginers help please. Thanks Cheers
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    free or cheap good players

    hey i just wanted to know if any of you know of any good cheap or even free players for a mid table team pushing for the euro cup in season 1, updated database. cheers
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    Sekajja-Crystal Palace

    hey guys in my wrexham save first summer got crystal palace as a parent club and they sent me a 19 year old ST on a seasonal loan called Sekajja. My scouts and assistant Manager say his potential is 5 stars, but as I'm still in the Blue Square Premeir, I'd like to know what scouts in the premier...
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    £200M challenge-PLAYERS!!!

    hey everybody, I'm going to start the £200M EPL Fm base team challenge, but I dont really know what players to buy. Im starting the save with default squads, and I use a 4-2-3-1 formation. My aim for the first season is a top 4 finish, but I dont know what players I can buy without spending all...
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    I need a new challenge

    hello everybody, I really like this forum and have used some of the challenges in my saves. Currently though I have a few 'minor' saves (that I do when I'm not 100% on it) but I'm lacking a real time consuming save to bring me on until the summer. I would like to try a challenge, but no real...
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    Hello, I know everyone is always looking for dedicated players for 6 nights a week stuff, but here anyone who can only do 2/3/4 hours a week can join, because we all have real life stuff going on. The league would be any from the big 5: EPL, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1. If anyone...
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    does anyone want to play a chilled out network game?

    guys this network game is for those people who only like playing 4/5 hours per week. my steam name is:samu9810....if you want to join just write how much you want to play, your steam name and what league should we play in. Thanks! (hope people are interested);)