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    International Management

    With the issues of tactical familiarity in international management, I tend to struggle plugging in my main club tactics in and just playing them because I have a whole off-season to get familiar running a 4-4-1-1, I recently took on international giants spain and am really struggling to find...
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    Top Fantasy Draft Buys?

    Anyone have any good fantasy draft buys? I usually play max budget and go for similar teams, always taking Messi or Neymar as my star and fill a first team with decent top flight players
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    Fantasy Draft

    Does anyone host any fantasy draft games ever or the like? Never see news or people interested, I'd be willing to play and join but not to host
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    Olexander Rybka unavailable till 2014

    I recently signed this free keeper for my MLS team FC Dallas, and he played the first friendly, but is now unavailable until 1/2/2014. Does anyone know why? Does it have anything to do with him not being allowed to play due to the doping problems he had in real life or anything?