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    Can't find Portuguese players -- HELP

    Basically as the title says, I used to filter in the scouting centre for players based in Portugal aged 17 and lower and get every player in the country based on that criteria. But now, in any of my saves when I use this filter and even turn on the players only interested in transfer/loan, I...
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    Tactical Help Bright and Hove Albion

    Alright guys, so I created a tactic and decided to test it with Brighton Hove Albion, as you can see the attack is decent, but the defence is absolutely shocking. Any tips to improve the defensive side of the tactic other than just signing better players?
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    Removing nations from Champions League and Europa League

    So basically I created a 10 tier British, and Irish league system, I simmed a season and in the 2014/15 league year all teams from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Northern Ireland kept their CL/EL spots from the previous season. I was wondering how I remove these nations from the coefficients, and...
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    Need help with some Skinning Issues

    So as you can see in the screenshots? The competition logo is showing up as the Israeli Football Federation's logo, they are new leagues, never just edited data of old leagues. Anybody know what my problem is?
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    Josue - Technical Master

    Just thought I'd make a thread showing off the remarkable player that is Josue from FCP. The guy is a set piece specialist, and does a pretty good job when one on one with a keeper of actually scoring. Key Stats: Corners Crossing First Touch Free Kick Passing Penalty Taking Technique...
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    Need a striker for Porto

    Title of the thread says most of what needs to be said. Need a good young AF, who can play in the Top Tier of Portugal. My team has sucked without Jackson Martinez, still winning but not well, or convincingly. Kleber is dreadful. Budget of 15 million. Not a fresh faced 17-18 year old, i'll...
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    Quick Question?

    Is there any way to in-game sort the teams in a division by their stadiums current capacity?? I have an EPL like setup in Scotland with TV Deals to match, and I'm curious as to what clubs may or may not have upgraded.
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    Off Balanced Tactic

    Hey guys, so in my SuperCeltic save I decided to see just how different a tactic I could create. I know the test fixtures seem a little easy, so just take into account the games against the usual power teams in Europe. Here's the tactic: Intriguing I should mention the losses to...
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    Quick Question?

    just wondering if anybody can tell me what the yellow blip above my name is?
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    Regen Faces

    Anybody know the regen face pack, where the regens faces are real faces?
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    Growing Attached??

    Wondering if any of you guys have ever grown really attached to any of your players in this silly little game? I didn't think I could, or ever would, but it just popped up on my news inbox that the GREAT Alex Madlung, will be retiring at the end of my current season. He's been with me since...
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    Help wanted!

    Hey guys, I have a database for a new Great British League system, 5 league system, with Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and obviously English teams. Sorted into leagues by reputation, and to have a few of each nation in each level. The one problem I have is setting TV money, I would...
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    So.. This just happened. Who to buy!?

    I started a save with Real Madrid, and I was certain I would get to december and get a boost to my transfer budget, which... I did. So, who to sign, I could do with a new RB so I can start playing Sergio Ramos in CB, I need a CM who is either a BBM or DLP. Or both. Also a GK, AMR, and AML as IF.
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    Removing Hardcoded Kits?

    Hey guys, I really badly want to remove the kits for Hereford United, the ones that come pre coded into the game, as I've changed their name and I want to be able to see the kits I made in the Editor. The main place I don't want to see them is here: Also don't want to see them in the team of...
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    Southampton Help!

    Hey guys, I need help with my Southampton team. I have no money left to spend, so signing players isn't an option, unless they are very cheap 1Million or less, or free. My Transfer Window so far: My current squad: Recent Results: So, my team isn't scoring particularly strikers, and I...
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    Goalscoring striker?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good goalscoring striker for every level, SPL, Champs League, etc. I'm Celtic, I could probably get like 7 million next season to spend, I have Billy McKay who is scoring fairly well but is goalless in the champs league, and he constantly fluffs one on ones.
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    Anji Mackalalalalalada - First Season

    Decided to start a save with Anji the Russian billionaire owned team. Decent funds, decent team, why not try and make them the dominant force in Russia, and maybe the world? Or so I thought, Anji have about five players with real talent.. Eto'o, Diarra, Traore, Willian, and Jucilei. Maybe...
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    Left Back Help

    I want a future LB for cover and to potentially replace Alaba. I found this regen: Just wondering how much y'all would pay?? Money is no option I've created a large bank account after successful selling in past windows.
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    Arsenal -2015/16 January Window

    Hey guys, I have 63 Million to spend in the January Window. Window Closes in 9 hours in game. Would like to add a Premier League capable GK, Begovic is 28, and I like to sell at 29. I've already tried Ter Stegen (FLOP) Szscezny is on sale is he good enough to bring back?? Also, wouldn't mind...
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    DLP with potential to develop -- Any Suggestions??

    Hi guys, as the title suggest I'm looking for a Central Midfielder, who is a Decent Deep Lying Playmaker, with a lot of potential to become a Premier League Star. I'm doing a fun save, FM Base Money Bags challenge, and I went for Youth so when I get to EPL I would have a great young team...