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    Hey Guys, would be great if you can do this favour me like this photo on facebook :)

    Hi Everyone, I've been picked as one of 10 finalists in the Ulster Wedding Directory 'Win Your Wedding' Competition to win a Designer Wedding Dress. All you have to do is like this photo (by clicking the below Petticoat Lane Bridal album link and hitting like). You just like it once and the most...
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    FM11: Official Manchester United Thread

    Welcome to the Official FM11 Thread of... A Brief Club History... Manchester United are one of the most famous names in world football and have been the most successful in England since the inception of the Premier League in 1992. After a barren spell of 26 years without a league championship...
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    KevyMatts Super Training Schedule

    In every past football manager game I always use other peoples trainings like TUGs, or Dans. But this year I'm trying to develop my own. For last the few days I have came up with a quite good schedule. I have started at Tottenham, they are a team with good training facilities, but after a...
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    Patch 11.2.1 *Hotfix* Now Released

    Hello again everyone, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have released a ‘hotfix’ 11.2.1 patch, which resolves a couple of issues in regards to loading old save games running the Polish league and being unable to set contract length in Network games. Other than that there are no other changes...
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    Suggested Data changes for new 11.2 databases - official

    Here are a list of (mainly) English data amendments that you may wish to add to the 11.2 database with the latest patch. These are listed to either correct errors that were not identified before data lock last Wednesday, or to list changes that have happened since data lock. This list will...
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    FM2011 Metallic Logos Megapack

    To coincide with the release of FM2011, i have repacked and updated the Metallic Logo Megapack. To cut a long story short, I've been making these for around 3 years now and, together with all the guys who have contributed to the project, it had grown to be arguably the largest pack of it's...
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    [Released] Netbook 2011 Skin!!

    Netbook2011 Skin A skin designed to work better on Netbooks and other computers who's screens are limited to a 1024x600 resolution. Skin is based on the default FM2011 skin, with the most changes being the maximising of the screen content area. Installation Instructions: Extract the files...
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    FM 2011 Netbook Skin and Netbook Help

    Netbook2011 Skin A skin designed to work better on Netbooks and other computers who's screens are limited to a 1024x600 resolution. Skin is based on the default FM2011 skin, with the most changes being the maximising of the screen content area. Installation Instructions: DOWNLOAD LINK...
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    This skin is based on Oxolight, but a dark version with a new player profile layout and a few new icon's, also numbered sliders and Team talk panel to see motivatioin :) Screenshot's: Opinion's and Idea's to make better :) Credit to Ozo for base. Download...
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    Any Skinning Expert That Can Help Me

    Anyone on here who can help me fixing my skin, i need to the logo smaller in the player profile screen but just cant get around it: Anybody know how to make it smaller? :)
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    Embargo On Kit Competition's For The Time Being.

    Announcement As recently there is bunch of kit making competition's on the forums which is making graphics section very untidy,so as of the day please no one create anymore competition's until further notice. Me and Stu will hopefully arrange soon like some major tournaments in real life when...
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    Inserting Graphics Into The Game

    Its something that can confuse a lot of people but it is releatively easy to get your game looking great. The guide will show you just how easy it is to insert them in your game. How to do it: 1. First things first, well for the organised amongst us, go to my documents/ sports interactive...
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    SS'09/10/11 Template Pack V7.0

    If anyone is interested in the new season templates for SS09/10/11 kits, head over to to download them :) Enjoy guys :) *Credit to Susie
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    npower Football League Logos

    Folks, I proudly present the new npower Championship, League 1 and League 2 logos These are Metallic style (FMG'09) - the download contains both this style AND the "normal" style. These are the shirt sleeve badges as shown in the news pages of the Bradford City web-site -...
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    Steklo 09.1 Redux

    I've had this floating about for a while, so I thought I'd release it. Just copy both folders (both folders is important) into your skins folder, and select which version you want, in the options. The horror, the horror... Creator TomDixon77...
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    Quaresma heads to Besiktas

    Inter Milan winger Ricardo Quaresma has ended his disappointing stint in Italy by joining Turkish outfit Besiktas. Quaresma was a big-money recruit from Porto two years ago, but the 26-year-old struggled to make an impact under Jose Mourinho. He made just 32 appearances during two seasons with...
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    ITV HD on Sky for N.Ireland and Scotland.

    Just done this ahead of the England game this evening, i recommend any one who has HD available but lives in N.Ireland or Scotland. When the new EPG is rolled out to your box, you will be able to access the ITV HD channel manually. To do this, go to the Add Channels menu and use the following...
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    Sami Khedira

    Sami Khedira DOB: 04/04/1987 VfB Stuttgart Start of Game He is an excellent pick at DMC, one of the best in my opinion. He's strong, a decent tackler and team player and good in the air. Acceleration is a worry, but he is still fast - in an emergency he could almost be moved upfront due to...
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    Proper World Cup Squads in FM

    Link: CM Revolution World Cup Squads is an additon updating national teams playing at the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 (except Japan) and Polish, on the June matches. There is also attached a xml file that...
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    Arm badges and a few sponsors for kit's

    This isnt my work but though this will be useful for adding patches on the sleeve for you kit makers. Original Link: To add my texture and the arm badges, download my Textures & Extras PSD...