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    Help with config for custom team logo

    I have been trying to add a logo into the config file for my newly created club but can't get it to show up. The editor gives the club a unique ID of 98005777 whilst in the game the club is showing as ID2062050748. have tried using both in the config file and the logo still won't load. The...
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    Help with logo needed

    Hi I am playing a custom team at level 10 in the NWC League 1. See the attached logo, can anyone please help me with changing the text to "MARPLE TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB", making the background transparent and converting to a .png file. Thanks in anticipation, will be eternally grateful!
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    Editor file won't load

    Hi I have taken Super Bladesman's superb level 10 download and made a few tweaks - largely to add in my own custom made team at level 10. I therefore tweaked the NW Counties League, various cups etc, but all seems ok as the nation rules check reports no problems. The only other things I've...
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    Custom logo required

    Hi Plan to play my local team, Marple Town in level 10 of the English pyramid. Would be great to have a logo to go in the game. Nicked a badge from a local junior team and a local society (see attached) that maybe someone could adapt one of them and turn into a .png file. Thanks in advance
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    Logo Needed - Cheadle Town

    Hi, I am playing Cheadle Town in the North West Counties League 1 (Level 10) and unfortunately there is no logo included in the excellent logo pack I downloaded from the site. Can someone please assist as my logo making skills are pretty hopeless - I have attached the official club crest copied...