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    I've just started a league with Chelsea and as you can see by the screen shot i'm in december and it's the champions league.... does anyone notice anyting stage about this picture?
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    Reinstalling from Steam And Copying Game Saves

    Hi Guys, This is more guidance than a question, a few weeks ago i raised a thread about reinstalling FM 09 after you've reinstalled windows and a few things were thrown about involving losing 1 of my 5 install licenses and copying folders and stuff.... all quite worrying but there's no need...
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    Reinstalling FM09

    Hey guys i need some help!! My PC is on the verge of a break down and it needs to be rebuilt, i need to know how to reinstall the game... do i need to burn a cd or is it just that i must install steam again and it will download it again?? oh and i'm sorry if this has been answered before...
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    Game Loading Problem

    I've downloaded the game from Steam, and after hours of messing with it and searching i finally got it to activate but when i launch the game there's a flashing box in the corner with the serial in it. i have to press shift and tab to get rid of it but it makes the whole screen flash erratically...