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    Editing match rules champions league

    hi i just need a walkthrough on how to change the match rules in FM editor, because i cannot find how to make changes to continental cup matches, i can do the same in leagues via add nation rule but not the same with champions league or europa league.
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    NEED HELP WITH making changes to this file

    This is a league system i have downloaded that runs alongside all the normal tournaments. but it has a few problems which i am not able to fix. 1. the original champions league :- Qualified Teams:- Only england has the right representatives according to the league finish, spain italy and...
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    Best 4-2-3-1 tactic?

    i have been looking through almost every post to find the best 4-2-3-1 tactic, so far the ones i have tested, the striker whether(CF,F9,DF,DLF) isnt scoring and sometimes even if i have a good defense, they just fall apart conceding upto 4-5 goals against a lowly opposition. Kindly help me with...