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    What is the best tactic for using instant result button ?

    I have 2 questions, 1. What is the best tactic for using instant result button ? 2. How to use the instant result button? When I click it, there are 3 options (Do not use match plan, Next Match and Last Match) Which one should I chose? What is the different?
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    What is the best tactic using striker

    So guys, the majority of tactics are strikerless. So what is the best tactic that using striker?
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    How do you loan good quality players?

    So, I know about Senior Affiliate, but when I get one, they didn't send their recommended player, and often when I try to loan their LOAN-LIST player, the player reject me even though my team 1 division below them. Then when my team is a newly-promoted to EPL, I tried to loan player from the...
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    What tactic that give you great result on low league?

    What I mean low league is Vanarama South/North League kind of Level where all of the players has **** attributes. I want to try the TTF Demolisher, but all of the requirement is too complicated.
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    Struggling get my tactic familiarized on low league (Level 11 England)

    Does anyone know how to improve it? I already use Team Cohesion VERY HIGH and Match Prep : MATCH TACTIC on 8 PRE-SEASON match, but and now I'm on my 15 league matches, but still not fluid.
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    What is the important GK attributes on low league like Vanarama South/North?

    Usually on the low league like Vanarama South/North you know important attributes for some position for example : DC : Strength, Anticipation, Bravery, Heading MR/MR : Pace, Acc, Crossing etc But I'm not sure what Attribute should I look when I'm trying to find decend GK on low league.
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    Tactic to protect your team leading score?

    So guys, what do you usually do when your team is leading 1-0 or 2-1 on 80++ minute mark? Do you change your tactic ? (For example, from 4-4-2 to 5-3-2) Or do you also change the team mentality to DEFENSE? Is there any great tactic for defending the lead? I wanna try it on Low League Team.
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    List of Player Agents?

    Guys, does anyone know where I can get list of the name of player agents inside the game? AFAIK, I usually find the name of AN AGENT on player INFORMATION. But what if I want to know a lot of player agents then see what player they could offer?
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    Please make a thread dedicated for Lower League tactic

    Guys, for you who expert on creating tactic and love challenge managing lower league, can you please make a thread where we can compile a great tactic for lower league?
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    How do you manage your Low League team with tight schedule?

    It's always has been the case, On Vanarama South/North, the team always has a tight schedule, especially on early season, They often has 1-3 day rest before having the next match, My players always seems exhausted on their physic condition (always 65-85%) Is there any tips for this trouble?