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    Dan Crowley

    I have just signed 15 year old Dan Crowley for 12million off of arsenal for my liverpool save as he is predicted to be a world class player. I have seen threads on Jordan Rossiter and zelalem (who I also signed) nut never Crowley. So is he any good or just a waste of time? Any screenshots and...
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    Liverpool 1st Season - 60mil - Advice Please

    So I've started a new save with Liverpool with lfcmarshals update (latest) and because I love stevie G, I've made him ten years younger. the tactic I'm using is First Team...
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    Vela or Muniain

    So i'm approaching the January transfer window in my Liverpool save and need instant quality out wide. Both Vela and Muniain are very similar so my question is.......who would be the better buy
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    How Do I Get The Best Out Of Wonderkids??

    I am playing as liverpool in the first season and they have the likes of Jordan Rossiter, Jerome Sinclair and Jordan Ibe. I want to know how I can develop them so they turn out at their full potential. Any help please??
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    The Red Side of Merseyside

    "He's taken a shot, ohhhhh and it's hits the post, he should of tried that earlier in his career!!" I woke up with a start, hehe, that dream again, ever since my last game I've always had that dream a couple of nights a week. The commentator was right though, I should of tried that when i was...
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    And The Global Free Agent Challenge Returnsssss

    The Global Free Agent Challenge The Global Free agent challenge is a database where all the players from the top flight teams are free-agents, this means you can take a average to low premier side, make some signings, and end up winning the prem. You can even get Messi, just paying his wage of...
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    Shakhtar Donetsk- Powering Up Europe

    Shakhtar Donetsk ---------------------------------------------------------------- Breaking News!! It has just been announced that Shakhtar Donetsk have SACKED Mircea Lucescu and appointed ex-England international Alan Shearer, the reason being that Lucescu was selling the players to...
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    Global Free Agent Challenge-Aston Villa Edition

    For those who don't know, the Global Free Agent Challenge is Downloadable database which gives each club in the top leagues in Europe 1.5 million pounds wage budget and no transfer budget, also all the players have had their contracts terminated, hence the title 'Free Agent'. As you can see I am...
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    Global Free Agent Challenge- You Decide

    Hey Guys I've recently been obsessed with the free agent challenge and have decided to do a story on it where you decide the team I use. Borussia Dortmund as they have a good rep and nice kits, also it will be easy enough to get the '4 trained by club' for the Champions League, also, i...
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    The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition

    The aim....... \ Hello Guys, I have struggled to commit myself to FM13....until i read Klippys Story, and I myself have decided to take up the challenge as well The Challenge the challenge is to take all the 22 teams that have won the champions league, to champions league again, fairly simple...
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    The Champions of Brazil

    Hello guys, If u can remember I did try a Santos save in the previous game and I've decided to go back to the Brazilian League. weather i'm doing Santos again, don't know. I'm loading the game up as I type. I'm going to have a look at the squads and see whats going. I've started the game in...
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    You'll Never Walk Alone - A Liverpool Story

    Out Goes Rodger, In Comes Barnes Liverpool FC Chairman Thomas Werner announced the sacking of Manager Brendan Rodgers. The reason being Liverpool's position and performance not being up to standard. Liverpool are currently sitting 12th the the League, sitting 15 points behind league leaders...
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    Tom Barnes- Filling the Trophy Cabinet

    Hi guys I'm back for FM13. I'm going to do a story with a top team who haven't won a top trophy for a long while but have won it in the past. e.g the Premier League. The teams I've chosen are: LIVERPOOL In my eyes the most obvious choice. Yes they did win the Carling Cup, but its not a...
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    Tom Barnes: A Legend in the Making

    Hello guys, After my failed Levernkusen and Watford Saves i'm gonna have a final attempt with another team. I have got a new computer and it is better than my last so there should be no problems. Again I'm gonna let you guys choose the team I am. These teams are the kind of teams which are...
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    Reserves and youth players needed

    I've created a team on editor and i picked my first team. I need to know some youths wwith good potential and reserve players. any help will be appricianted.
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    Creating player face-packs

    Hey I was just wondering how do you create your own face packs. Do u need to pay for a tool. Do your pictures need to be a specialfile. help plz 8-|
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    Facepacks for brazillian league

    Hi does any-one no how to get face-packs for fm 2012 brazilliam league. help woud be appriciated
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    Level 9 Kit and logo requests.

    Hi guys I just downloaded England divisions level 9. I found my hometown team in the list but being that low sports interative don't bother so if any-one has the abbility to create the kits then plz create this one. Club: Deeping Rangers League: United Countys premier Logo: Kits: Photos -...
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    Tottenham 1st season

    Hey, need help. Playing with tottenham and in 1st season. My squad- ..................................Friedal........................................... Corcula..........King.......................Gallas...........Assou-Ecotto .........................Van der...
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    Your most expensive signing?

    We would all like to know your most expensive signings Mine is Mario Gotze, 62 million from Dortmund to my Liverpool team (4th season) WHATS YOURS!!!!!!