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    Help with creating Qatar Stars League

    I have found a document on the Qatari Football Association's webpage, which would be a great help to create the league in a realistic way. However, I can't read Arabic, and google-translate barely helped. What...
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    League rules for Moldova

    I have been researching the Moldovan league system alot and have been able to find exactly what kind of league rules they have. I haven't been putting in the editor yet, but if anyone is intrested I can provide what you need to know. One thing though, I couldn't find any info about TV money...
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    Years to gain citizenship corrections

    I seen some numbers are wrong when it comes to how many years it takes to gain citizenship. So I decided to correct them. The number in the brackets is how it is in the game. Albania - 5 years (4) Azerbaijan- Not able to, doesn't allow dual citizenship (5) Belarus - Not able to, doesn't allow...
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    Years to gain citizenship corrections

    I moved this to here
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    Possession vs Counter

    Which tactic is the most useful, what is the most effective of these two? Lets imagine a team that is made for a possession tactic vs one that has players that fit perfectly for an offensive team that exploits counter attack. Which would win? So far I noticed a offensive counter attacking...
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    Adapting to your opponents or not?

    Last night before the Semifinals in the Euros I played with Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League against Barcelona. When I previously played against them I obviously lost by a few goals, I tried to adapt my tactic to them and so on, but it didnt help much. So this time I just took the usual...
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    4-1-2-2-1, with 2 WM and 2 AM

    My brother, which is not very intrested in football and doesn't really work on details in football manager have a very intresting tactic that he uses. Which he used with great effect with both Liverpool and Hearts, with the first team he won every single game in the leaguehe league, FA cup and...
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    Is possession and alot of passes necessary?

    I usually try to get my teams to hold the ball within the team more or less, sometimes I make the team play more direct then just holding the ball to create more chances. But in general many shortpasses and offensive football with alot of possession is something I always strive for. However I...
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    Playmaker/passing problem

    I have a small issue. First of all I can't make my playmaker work as a playmaker. I am playing with Inter, which I have played with for 5 seasons and I try to make Ganso to be my playmaker, who operates in CM in a 4-1-2-1-2. I have tried to make him roam, going into channels and alot of other...