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    Anyone for a Fantasy Draft?

    Either one player or 6. Either Medium badjet (my preference) or Large. Its my first time :)
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    Solid Efficient Football.

    Another year and i am again completely off this game. Cant understand tactics although have read all the guides. Maybe its because English isnt my native language and cant understand difficult terms in those huge guides. I wish i could, its so great to have this game with such depth in it in...
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    Best realistic solid tactic 15.3.2

    1. I dont care winning all the time, i just want to be as solid as i can and time by time getting better by cohesiveness and by buying new players 2. Not crazy or assymetric formations. 3. No OIs. 4. Best attack is defence kind of philosophy. 5. Plug n play. But its ok if its a set of three...
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    Is it my GK fault or tactics?

    So i am in my 4th season with Panathinaikos. I am doing great in my league, winning back to back the league and conceeding 1 goal every two games average which is something i like. In Europe i am struggling but i am pleased considering my weak squad. Opponents find a way to score against my...
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    Is there any "Normal" tactic for 14.2.1?

    Set of tactics, dont care. Good defence, good attack. Dont care for 150 goals or only wins. Just solid and consistent. I have a squad second favorite in my league but i am underdog in Europe. 120-130 average ability. 2 slow but descent cds. 2 descent full backs both in defence and attack 1...
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    Unbelievable - Advice needed

    Same old sh** A patch is out and your save is ruined. Every year the same sh** I have a squad of 130 CA. Second favorite to my league, underdog in most Europe matches. No flaws on it. Every single player is descent in attributes required by position. For example my full backs have descent...
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    Tactic (or approach) for Underdogs in C. League

    I know there are tons of topics with this subject more or less but a new topic will be seen by much more people. Is there anyone out there that had success in the Champions League with top teams from low quality championships, based on a solid defence? Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Skandinavia...
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    NoS - 4231 [Mourinho Counter] - BETA

    UPDATE ***FBs needs to be good in defencive abilities (positioning, tackling, marking) and quick to cover wide areas. ***CBs at least 12 pace/acc and descent teamwork,decisions,concentration,anticipation(to play offside) DM is a classic DM but he must be at least descent in passing...
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    So, is there any hope for FM 14 Defence? [14.3]

    Is anyone out there found a good underdog tactic? A combination of Roles, Duties, Instructions, Attributes that makes the team defend correctly, sitting in deep areas? Those are words of a very good tactician out there. Is this true? Did SI failed so much?
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    Affiliate - Second Nationality

    I have Sergio Araujo and i am desperate to loan him to a Spanish club because he needs only 11 days there to gain Spanish nationality. Is there any known Spanish club that accepts to be affiliate or is there any other way to temp a Spanish club to Loan him? I offer him for Loan and get no...
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    So frustrated

    My first eleven. Panathinaikos. GK Karnezis. Mediocre gollie. 15 of reflexes all other key GK atts at 10 to 13. DR Corzo. Quick, strong, Positioning 11, key defence mental atts 8 to 10 DC Maloca. Quick, strong, tall, some mediocre mental. DC Okore. The same as Maloca, better in mental. DL...
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    So, WTF with the new patch?

    Is it something we get wrong? Does anyone have success one week now without having defenders/attackers with huge pase and dribble atts?
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    FINALLY a great cheap GK (Julio Cesar Jacobi)

    I bought FM 12 the first day of release and since today i was struggling in my three differesnt saves to find a SOLID CHEAP Champions League class GOALKEEPER for my Low Finance and Reputation League Panathinaikos. I was looking for the Ochoa of FM 12. I finally got him but in second year...
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    [FM12.2.2] Rock Solid 41221 or 4222 (Is there any?)

    I am trying for long time now (after 12.2.2) to build a solid defensively tactic. I ve also tryed many of this forum... The only thing i managed to do is to completely frustrate myself any spend hours for nothing... I have a nice goalkeeper...Pablo Migliore A quick strong RB. Aldo Corzo...
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    Mourinho tactics **

    Tactics from Jose Mourinho "The Special One" ~ Football Manager Blog | 1st in Football Manager Does anyone has those tactics? The survey they ask us to do is of those that asks for your mobile phone number and keeps sending you annoying sms and probably charges you for them...
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    TEST of Plug n Play Tactics... [11.3]

    I know there are already 2 topics like that, but both of them test tactics one vs another...I think an another style of test will help too, all of us that we desperately looking for a stable succesfull tactic for patch 11.3...So, i ve started a new save with Totenham, and i am going to holiday...