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    Great Britain League

    a while ago i played a custom league with all the british teams combined.... along with Great Britain being the nation instead of all the seperate nations. i cant remember who made this database, but if anyone has it... is it possible to have it for 12.0.4????
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    Football Manager 2015 Classic

    im getting really annoyed with the full game, cannot find consistant results since FM12. what is the idea behind classic mode. yes faster game play, but what about the database. am i going to find the same results i would find in the full game or would it be based on better players will win
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    Football Manager 2012 buy

    where can i get a FM12 product code for steam. i cant seem to find one anywhere????
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    Logos are gone

    i downloaded the logo mega pack, installed like i do every FM that comes out. everything loaded up, looks nice.... but then halfway through my season, all the logos disspeared.... this happen to anyone else, and if so how do i resolve the issue? PS: my folder looks like Sports...
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    Players scoring but being counted as someone else

    playing as rangers, and had kris boyd score 6 goals but they are given to my mids ... anyone else?
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    Free Agent Database

    how come there is no option in the editor for this! been dying to play something like this!!! dissapointed!
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    something went wrong after auto update

    any help would be great
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    Interested in an online game

    someone add me up Steam ID: greg.n.walsh
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    FM13 Online

    is there anyone on here that lives in North America that would like to set up an online league...i have been dying to play online with players from Europe but cant get the timing right! 5 hour difference in all let me know my steam username is: wee_walshy email: [email protected]
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    XML Parsing error

    the editor wont work because of the please
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    can we transfer...

    can I transfer the player face packs and logos from fm12 ?
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    SFL revamp + cups

    after countless hours on the Editor i have finnally finnished my SFL league revamp! it consists of 2 leagus, SPL, and Championship! pictures will be supplied, and with league cup and scottish cup plus two brand new cups for you enjoyment. SPL - 20 teams (4 relagation spots) Championship - 22...
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    Remember SWOS?

    so i had a dream last night, and it was about Sensible World Of Soccer. Remember that game...was simply the best manager game out there!!! so simple!!! so all day i have been in search for it. and an emulator... but it is one problem after another. i really need to get this outta my head. i do...
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    new world competition coming soon

    i have had an idea in my head for the longest time. i have always wanted to do a world competition. but not like the ones that are already out there. kinda like a champions league format. so here is the idea. winner of premier league, and winner/ runner-up of FA competition qaulify. there...
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    Canadian League

    the canadian leagues with cups i will post screenies in a few minutes
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    Coming Soon, the new Scottish Football League

    first off this isnt gonni be iz good as Kris' edited league. i have not done as much work as Kris had but still took me long enough...a good 3hours of work. anyways i have a story to go along with it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The world in crisis. As the...
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    Kris Edited Scottish League Rangers Story

    To start off, i would like to say Thanks to Kris for making this League is S.F.L. does need a change, and one like this would be a huge step in the right direction. i do feel that Scotland needs a rule that the amount of non born Scots in the league is not helping out its national team at all...
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    some help

    i was wondering if its possible to do like a world Champions League 1st places team from major nations to go into a cup same format as the champions league... any help would be great?
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    Need Help

    right so.... 2 things... can i comebined to custom databases? and if so i need help creating one there is one database i was looking at but was wondering if someone could do one for. i was looking for a british and ireland cup. top 4 from each country 4 scotland 4 england 4 ireland 4 wales...