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    Help im locked out my game with password

    Ive recently changed computers and transfered all my game data across. I have booted up the game and entered into my saved game all ok. Then when ive entered my password it keeps saying its icorrect even though its correct. How can i edit my passord or de-activate it so i can enter my saved...
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    Guess who! Can you name these young football stars??

    Heres the photos, a few should be clearly obvious as they look exactly the same. After i will add a shortlist of the players if help is needed.... :) Will highlight name in red once guess. Well done now all complete :) 1. THIERY HENRY HERNAN CRESPO 2. BEST GUESS SO FAR MAXI LOPEZ 3...
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    Dream Job Offer (Ath.Madrid) should i take it?

    Just completed my 3rd season with Fulham, havent won anything yet but my squad is really coming along with some great youngsters. Finished 8th, 5th and this season 10th (though had a great run during last 10 games season). I dont normally change around teams but ive just been offered the job at...
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    Whats your highest fee received for a player in FM2010?

    Teams seem to want big money for there players in FM2010 but dont seem to be willing to splash the cash on quality players of mine, highest ive received is 14 million so far. In FM2009 i signed Diarra for 6 million and sold him a year later for 35 million, quite common for me. What the highest...
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    Under fire boss? wtf

    Last season i finish 7th, this season im 5th and only 3 points outside a champions league spot with 3 games to go. Challenging for a champions league spot with Fulham in the second season but im under fire???
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    Scouting Africa, any luck?

    I never get anything from scouting Africa, i recently recruited a scout which had high knowledge of Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria etc). I sent him out scouting the whole of Africa but after months and months he returned without a single player... :(
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    Is it possible to manage Thailand in FM2010?

    Started new game and tried to see if i can manage Thailand but they dont seem to be listed. Is it possible? or are only certain national teams possible for management? Can something be done in the editor...?
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    Always lose to Everton in FM2010

    I dont know why but Everton seem to be stupidly difficult to beat in FM2010. I can play and beat any team apart from them, last season i lost twice in the league and they knocked me out the UEFA over two legs. Every shot they have just seems to go in, last season they beat beat 5-1 at home and...
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    Bargain quality LB Peter Masilela

    Ok so i'm managing Fulham, weakest link in my team was according to my assistant manager (Konchesky) so i negotiated a deal from Sunderland and sold him for 4.6 million. I stumbled across Peter Masilela and thought maybe he would be a good backup player and put in a cheeky 50k bid which which...
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    Work Permits on FM 2010

    I know on FM 2009 sometimes you can just offer your player a new contact and he would then get granted a work permit. I'm playing FM 2010 and signed Sergiy Krytvsov for 2.9 million on deadline day, work permit was declined but as hes only 18 i was going to ship him out the same day to Belgium...
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    French league and reserve team

    I manage Marseille in Frence league and even though i like the division and couple things are annoying. You can only register 4 non eu players in you squad for the season and as i like to develope young brazilian talent this is a blow ive been forced to sell players i didnt want to let go. Also...
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    Transfer data to other computer...cant load old game? help!

    Ive changed computer, backed up and transfered all my game data onto my new computer. Ive put my game data into 'my documents' (where it was before) and also reinstalled the game. If i choose to start a new game my saved data base is showing,skins etc but when i try loading a game from my...
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    Corinthians out of control debt!

    I am managing Corinthians in Brazil. I took them over in division 2, with a bank balance of nothing and a transfer budget of around 70k. The problem is not on the field but of it, i am currently top of the league and knocked Palmeiras and Sao Paula out of the cup(both division 1). I am way...
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    Problem changing my

    I downloaded a new skin from the site 'blackin09' and put it into. C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\skins I went into the game and it shows in my preferences so i changed it and clicked confirm. Then it comes up 'changing skin' but problem...
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    Reinstalling windows xp(keeping game progess help)

    My computer is running so slow and maybe full of bugs so i need to reinstall windows from scratch. The problem is i am in my 7th season of football manager 2009. Is there anyway i can reinstall windows but keep hold of my current game data when i reinstall football manager back onto my...
  16. D good can he be...?

    Ok i was chasing Neymar for a couple of years but couldn't sign him as his club kept wanting too much and once he was refused a work permit. I finally signed him in summer, with all the clauses etc it will end up costing me 20 million! He arrived and was labeled 'wonderkid' so i thought...