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    Are A-Levels that important?

    As the title suggests.. are they needed to be successful. I currently study A-Levels, but am really not enjoying it at all, and am unsure whether to drop out at the end of this year (AS year). University doesn't really interest me that much anymore - and I just seem to think that I would be...
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    Phone Help

    Right... My battery on my Blackberry didn't charge. Got out and bought a new one - and it worked fine. Battery was running out whilst I was listening to music, and I didn't realise, but then it said, ''battery drained - shutting down handheld''.. and it won't charge or turn on. Sigh. Any help...
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    Amauri flogged on eBay by Juve fan

    Amauri flogged on eBay by Juventus fan | Amauri flogged on eBay by Juventus fan After Juventus struggled to offload under-performing striker Amauri, an enterprising fan decided to sell the Brazilian-born star on eBay. Sold out: Amauri is not a hit with Juve fans (Picture...
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    Zagreb 1-7 Lyon - Just a freak result?

    Dinamo Zagreb 1-7 Lyon | Champions League Group D match report | Football | **** Thought this deserved it's own thread. The defending in the second half is simply laughable and the goals look pretty 'staged'. I normally don't buy into these kind of things, but this seems...
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    Looking to get a new game.

    Hi all, Basically, looking to pick up a semi-old game, which i haven't yet played, which I could get my teeth into over the next few weeks to brake up my minimal revision (:p) I have a few that have been suggested and i am considering: Mass Effect (1+2) Fallout 3 Batman: AA Crysis 2 Toy...
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    Virtual DJ; Mixing Songs

    Basically, started to mix again but have hardly any tunes. Anyone know of any good torrents or links for a good amount of mixable tunes. Electro/House/drum n bass/whatever. much appreiciated. frank
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    Norwich Promoted

    Portsmouth 0 - 1 Norwich Norwich City secured a return to the Premier League after a six-year absence with victory at Portsmouth. Simeon Jackson scored the winner in the 50th minute when he stooped low to head in David Fox's cross, securing back-to-back promotions for the Canaries...
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    WrestleMania XXVII

    Think of it as a discussion thread. I know there is a general WWE thread, but the biggest night of the year deserves it's own thread imo. Here are my thoughts on the latest Wrestlemania.. # # # # Wrestlemania XXVII Thoughts and Preview The Grandest Stage of them all? Is it that time of...
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    The start of a new era; from the Serie C1/a to the Champions League!

    **Hello all. My first go at a story on here this year. Got a bit of time on my hands, and what with the new patch coming out, I wanted to delve into a bit of LLM, so why not share it with you guys? :) *** This story has been inspired mainly by Jake's 'La Cultu' story, on which he took a team in...
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    Overrated/Underrated Players [semi-rant]

    Hi. Basically, all around the forum I see ''player 'x' is underrated, and should have 20 pace pl0x'' There's a reason for researchers. They watch most games, and are entrusted to give an impartial view on their players to give them the best possible representation on Football Manager as...
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    Downloaded this, as it looked cool, and just wondered if anyone could run me through the basics and its a thread to show off anything you've created from this. any good tuts or anything please? :)
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    Best World League DB

    Hello.. Does anyone know of any really good world leagues.. last year, i could think of El Ricardo's and Kenco's on the SI forum's.. and a few good on here, but can't find any ones that take my fancy. Anyone found any good'ens? ---------- Post added at 04:07 AM ---------- Previous post was...
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    Wenger: I won't splash cash

    A really interesting article. Well worth a read, in which Arsene makes some great points. Arsene Wenger is not about to break his acquisition policy and start spending money Arsenal do not have. The Gunners boss is renowned for his considered approach to transfer dealings, with one eye...
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    Ryo Miyaichi to join Arsenal in January

    Ryo Miyaichi to join Arsenal in January Arsenal Football Club is delighted to confirm that Japanese forward Ryo Miyaichi will be joining the Club in January 2011. Everyone associated with the Club wishes Ryo, 18, well in the forthcoming All Japan High School Soccer Tournament, where he is...
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    Which teams have shocked you (so far) this season..?

    So, were coming to the end of october... which teams have taken you by suprise so far.. for me.. Blackpool - Of course, they were expected to struggle, yet we've seen some great form from the seaside club. West Brom - Some great results, with an exciting brand of football. Liverpool - Not...
  16. F podcast: Coming Soon..?

    After hearing many other podcasts, and also thinking that FM-Base needs something more to add to the site, I will try and start a series of podcasts, for you, the FM-Base community. The podcast will not only feature things about the forum, but also news from the football manager and real life...
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    FIFA 11 Ultimate Team

    When EA Sports announced their strong sales numbers for the opening week of FIFA 11, they also revealed that the card-based Ultimate Team mode would not only be offered for free but that it would come out in the first half of the soccer season. They gave us a rough November date but today we...
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    The F.A Cup Thread

    So... we're about one week away from the draw for the first round proper, many teams' will have started the long path to wembley already. With the 4th qualifying round on saturday, we will start to see the formation for the first round. This is the round were the Blue Square Premier teams will...
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    Ryder Cup 2010 - Celtic Manor

    Ryder Cup 2010 Celtic Manor, Newport,Wales SS1 - Oct 1-3 2010 EUROPEAN RYDER CUP TEAM Captain Colin Montgomerie Team Member Luke Donald Ross Fisher Peter Hanson Padraig Harrington Miguel Angel Jimenez Martin Kaymer Graeme McDowell Rory McIlroy...
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    Green & Gold Campaign

    Whatever happened to it?? Would love to hear why it's stopped.