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    FM20: Post Your Successes

    Only head coach in Valencias history to be an Icon - never happened to me before haha. 16 trophies in 9 years.
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    this game is too hard for me

    Just a single player suits the role you have them in. congested mid with inverted wingbacks, but you had a wide attacking width Does't look like you're thinking things through
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    British wonderkids

    absolute beast!
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    Board Interfering With Transfers?.

    Check your staff responsibilities.
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    Lee Kang-In

    I started this save at valencia - always struggled with me, personality and low determination.
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    Who are you using, what role, team goals? :)
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    Difficult decision

    Espo, greenwood will help with homegrown quota.
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    Jeremy Doku

    Looks terrible, but 20 goals & assists in 40 games last year :D
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    Jeremy Doku

    Nope, these sorta fit well with my play style
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    Jeremy Doku

    Anyone else feel like this guy is a world-beater? Absolutely phenomenal for me at the momeny
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    So, how is everyone getting on with FM20?

    Love the game, small match engine tweaks needed but not massively impacting the game
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    FM 2020, The death of the casual player?

    Andorra has a low rep, winning the league will result in a massive boost for you which will result in teams being more cautious when playing against you. I'm assuming that your either drawing and when you concede it's because of counter-attacks/setpieces after you've pushed for the win? Manage...
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    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    Thaigo Miaia is excellent for me as a HB/Anchorman. Victor Osimhen and Haaland also excellent and reletively cheap early on. Poulsen also bangs them in. Maxence Caqueret great youngster who is cheap as well.
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    Haaland always offside?

    He has the trait "likes to try to beat O/T" So he's obviously going to get caught a lot more than others. If you play a slow possession game he aint for you tho :p
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    Split Block and Mid Block

    Watch your game and you'll notice your fullbacks are probably getting doubles up against (either fullback&winger vs fb or winger&midfeilder vs fb). This is probably because your wingers are pressing high up and probably not tracking their runners. Reduce your full backs pressing intensity to low...
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    Anyway to change tactics to fluid?

    Just for testing purposes?
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    Tactic testing?

    Best way to do it?
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    4 (3) - 5 (3) - 3 - Tactical help

    Hi guys, Just thought that I should ask for some advice on a tactic that I've been working on. Main principles are to hold possession and to obviously suffocate the other team. I've had trouble when playing against the larger sides. Would anyone care to venture a guess as to how/why that could...
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    Hi, Trying to create something along the lines of a 3-5-1-1 and defensively I have been quite solid. What (in your opinion) is the best front 2. I'm currently using a SS with DLF (S) - it seems to be working okay but I"m not scoring near enough. \Any ideas?