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  1. Conn

    Tips & Tricks when tactic seems off.

    As of late one can brows the different tactic forums and read post after post that this don't work for this or that team, league or nation. Pointed at the patches and ME inventing strategies to put you out of your place. at best the average of this is correctly assumed and one can only pray to...
  2. Conn

    West Ham - Hard Work tactic!

    Hey guys, i fixed it myself ;) EDITED!
  3. Conn

    FM 2018 Errors - Gamplay issues

    Hello all. Seming the rage tread isnt particulary suited for this and that this is the biggest community on the web for the game i thought i make a tread for this (title can be altered). Reason for this is that i have huge issues with the inbox and scout raports mainly. The inbox takes 10...
  4. Conn

    LF a Wingback(ish) 4-1-2-2-1 tactic.

    I jsut bought the game and i want to start workign with one striker, wingers (or IF) alongside a deep sitting midtfielder eighter DLP or BWM or just anchor man. Is there any tactics out there in that system that has a semi functional striker so i cna start to tinker? Happy weekend :D (i...
  5. Conn

    Setting Askingprice to keep bids away

    So the assistant keep telling me to increase asking price to keep clubs from bidding on my players, but nomather if i set my leftback's askingprice to 500 millions i keep getting retartedbids in on him, and this goes through all out my squad. My striker valued at 7m i set askingprice to 20m...
  6. Conn

    The **** Is Back - Ask Me Anything.

    THE **** Hello Guys! I am currently still working on my new house, but i have the game and i am preparing to dive into it at any free moment i have. Currently i will be focusing on a few small things. 1. Identifying bugs 2. Developing a 4-1-1-3-1 formation 3. Win the CL- Throphy with a...
  7. Conn

    Training 1-2-3

    Training in General for sucess and greatness: Start by training tactic and on VERY HIGH to get tactic fluid for the season. Change to Team cohision if you bought more than a few players to ensure players "gel" and perform with eachother. After that set BALANCE and keep that for the whole...
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  9. Conn

    "ChristianEriksen's Beautiful Play" Playertread

    Tactic here: So.... To be a part of this growing tread and to contribute helping perfection the tactic by simply handing us information on you're ultimate performers withinn this tactic...
  10. Conn

    Team Morale

    Hello guys! I have a huge issue with team morale and i cannot break through to lift it despite achieving superb resoults. it all started with Carlos Bacca who wanted a new contract but i dident have the finances to give it to him. His agent then fierce disclices me, and despite warning Bacca...
  11. Conn

    .FMF Filles to .TAC Files

    If you can't google or take a look in the appropriate forumsdue to suffering from tunnel FM syndrome (like me), here is the links needed to find out WTF to do to get the tactic you need to work. Tactical changes Beta to full - FM15...
  12. Conn

    Penalty shootout crash

    Game just crashed. Was playing away in the norwegian cup and the game vent to penalties. noone was close to saving anything so when it was the goalies turn to shoot, my opponents goalie scored while mine walked up to the bal land turned his back to the ball, stood there for 30sec before game...
  13. Conn

    TheCoon's Tactictread

    Hello guys After many requests for what i am currently using aswell as TFF's decission to stick to crafting more and better tactics (check out his newest tread here: I have decided instead of answering multiple...
  14. Conn

    FM2015 - Looking for people

    Simplified for dummies WHEN FM2015 comes out: - Does anyone want to team up to craft a few solid tactics early on? Requirements: - Not stupid If Interested, let me know.
  15. Conn

    FM2015 Are we ready?

  16. Conn

    Conn - Atletico Jassar's Modern Warfare!

    Hello and welcome to another season with me guys. I don't know if i will manage to update as frequently as i did in Tata's tactic tread but i will do my best and im sure that if people like what i do i will struggle not to play to keep you guys entertained! Tata Martino's Tread with last season...
  17. Conn

    Individual Training

    Has anyone had issues bringing up the individual training menu? its easy to bring up team training aswell as coach assignment, but when i try to click individual training to specify easier who of my youngsters is going to focus on what and how hard the game just stops responding. it does not...
  18. Conn

    Requesting new tactic to test!!!

    My current Project: Hello everyone. i have been testing tactics since release of beta, and now that the season is comming to an end for my Atletico and Fanta's 3-1-5-1 tactic has been put...
  19. Conn

    Facepacks - how to find pictures to replace with own?

    Say i have the urge to replace the Messi picture with a nice Messi pic i got myself, how do i find the picture in the GIGASIZED facepack collection? the only familiare face i tried this on was spotted Frank Rijkard and replaced him with a picture of myself to check if it works xD Heads up...
  20. Conn

    Loan for EU nationality.

    Example: I am in Spain, what country is it smart for me to look for clubs to loan my young brazilians out to for a fast EU nationality?