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  1. TheAussieGaffer

    Official FM-Base Weekly Challenge Thread

    Has your save become a bit stale? Looking for a bit of a challenge? Well, here at FM Base, we have just the thing! Welcome to the first FM Base Weekly Challenge! Our first challenge comes from The Aussie Gaffer You are Maximilian Blanchard and on Christmas morning Sheffield United come...
  2. TheAussieGaffer

    FM20: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Here at FM-Base, we want to see and share the good, the bad and the ugly of Football Manager! So, in the spirit of that, please share your funny names, great goals, bad goals, ugly goals and funny in-game moments in this thread! Every Friday night (Melbourne, Australia time) I will run start a...
  3. TheAussieGaffer

    Crikey, it's the Rozzers!

    After spending some time on the FM-Base Discord server and hearing about the Level 10 England database I decided to give it a go. After seeing them listed in previous versions of FM, I have decided to take on the Managerial role at Metropolitan Police FC so let the journey begin! Metropolitan...