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  1. MWPlayz


    Hello everyone! I am MWPlayz. I would like to have some help on making my own leagues. I need to do a International Super League involving Nations and putting them in order (rankings) I also need to do more custom leagues.
  2. MWPlayz

    A good tactic needed

    Ok this is my thread. I need is a tactic that can get me unbeaten in FM19, like not losing in leagues and somewhere that way and score so much goals. Is there a tactic like that (above)
  3. MWPlayz

    Club Badge/Logo/Crest creator

    Hello guys, I am MWPlayz and I have just returned to playing FM19. The problem is, that I have Windows 10 and I need a club badge/crest/logo creator so I can make my own. Is there any creator available on Windows 10 so I can make my own?
  4. MWPlayz

    Tactic help

    How do i make a tactic? I tried to figure out my own tactic.
  5. MWPlayz

    Logos for FM 18

    Hello, I just wanted to know that i need logos for the clubs around the world please, if possible
  6. MWPlayz

    England extra league

    Can someone tell me how to add a extra league for my teams in england.
  7. MWPlayz


    Hello everyone, I will be starting a new manager story and I have chose a Retired Professional Footballer and Its time to introduce you to RYAN MASON! Ryan Mason retired after he couldnt recover from a fractured skull suffered against Chelsea in January 2017. So I will be off to........ OXFORD...
  8. MWPlayz

    Leading Celtic to Glory

    BREAKING NEWS! Glasgow Celtic have appointed Luke Jackon as their new manager. Luke Jackon had a playing experience as a professional footballer playing for Bristol City, West Ham United, Manchester City and Hibernian and playing for England. He won 21 trophies and spent a 19 year spanning...
  9. MWPlayz

    Leading teams to titles

    BREAKING NEWS Manchester City have appointed Ryan Mason as their new manager following the departure of Pep Guardiola. I start my managerial career in charge of Manchester City which is based in Manchester.
  10. MWPlayz

    Arsenal United Signings

    Whoops i was meant to do this onto my thread :(
  11. MWPlayz

    My Leagues

    Hello guys, I have my new levels extension into England so I will give you updates as soon if possible. It will be contested by 16 teams and it will have expansions in about 6 years' time. Hope you had a good day! I will give you news if possible as well.