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  1. Conn

    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    The 3-3-4 rectangle tactic. Secodn season now, 2 points behind Juventus, made it to quarterfinals in CL were i got knocked out by PSG winning both matches2-0 (4-0total) Using balanced when in tough away games. Gonna look better next season as my new AMC's will have been worked properly into...
  2. Conn

    Sir Goalalot 2020 (4-2-3-1)

    I had to edit i forgot the format xD Going to try this now. i have a Serie A save with Sampdoria testing another tactic, going to add another manager for a scrappy team and see how it fairs :D
  3. Conn

    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    Won the Serie A with Sampdoria first season, got overtaken by a consortium that bought me Odsonne Edouard and Luiz Felipe aswell as getting Jeison Murillo back from loan. First season i bought Van Drongelen and Andre Anderson as only reinforcements that played much. Grabbed Cataldi for 2nd...
  4. Conn

    Knap Venom Faith 4-4-2

    Regarding footing, it is always best with two strong feet or one strong and one decent and regarding to left or right strongest is up to what you want for the player. You want him to cut inside and shoot? or do you want him to swing crosses into the box? IF you pick up a new tactic just watch...
  5. Conn

    Norwich won Premiership in first season 95 points 3-4-1-2-Libero Dominator-by Vujevic

    Zlatko, brilliant work mate! Cant wait to see you do a campaign with Birmingham or another mediocre team and winning PL on youtube <3
  6. Conn

    playgm Wufeng Swords

    Robelink, im using the updated 3 libero with 2x bbm
  7. Conn

    playgm Wufeng Swords

    I have to agree with Smiza, although there is a few things im looking into "cooning". First of all Iin my Rosenborg save (Norway)....let me loadup the save to be more accurate :p Im using Gonzalo Maroni as AM and hes godlike for the level norwegian football is at, but hes not realy doing much...
  8. Conn

    playgm Wufeng Swords

    You guys NEED to try this and watch atleast extended highlights! regardign future development of tactics i feel this is very much relevant as refrence point, AND IT USES LIBERO <3
  9. Conn

    Tactic Testing Feedback

    i do belive that altho they do not make direct adjustment to ME, tweaks will influence it and that's just how it is. Nerfing curling? = worse crosses and less fk goals (example) = less goals for you if youhave good set pice takers = less drive = less likely for big win or domination.
  10. Conn

    Last pass: How to make your Strikers force to 'death pass'?

    WJ, i agree, it is possible, bui even with PPM as in normal life players make bad decissions. A player that squanders a free goal by beeign selfish will IRL be less likely to do that next time unless he has personality that is selfish. If you also take into considerations the visualisation i...
  11. Conn

    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    This is a brilliant pice of work Pav :) Excellent work ! Will be using this on my AZ save when i roll out :)
  12. Conn

    Tactics from around the world

    did you try it? how did it work? happy holidays :)
  13. Conn

    Last pass: How to make your Strikers force to 'death pass'?

    It's due to the AI. When you have two players come vs goalie, the one with the ball will almost ALWAYS shoot instead of passing to the player to his side with wide open goal, and in 9/10 times it resoults in a miss. Why is this? After watching it happend a lot of times even with PPM to pass...
  14. Conn

    Tactics from around the world

    If anyone finding any of the tactics from FM-Korea usefull it would be much appriciated if you could post it with cred to author alongside some screenshoots of results! Thanks and happy holidays :)
  15. Conn

    PSA: Multiple Accounts (Includes apology from TFF)

    I feel obligated to make a reply here as i have been a supporter of FM-Base and TFF alongside several other creators for many years. First i want to start by complimenting Liam and the team for upholding the rules and not making exceptions regardless of status or name. It sends an important...
  16. Conn

    ZEUS by TFF

    I have a "Freeze" Save with Wolves were i play 5 games to see fluidity and resoults without OP or tt. Morale is good, but not superb. So farim in mythird game with this and im just laughing.... It's deadly!!!! Im so happy u are back TFF <3
  17. Conn

    TFF - Conqueror V8

    This tactic took me to semi finals in CL first season with Rosenborg (norway). Not as dominant tho and struggling a bit to get high amount of goals from striker aswell as tough in hard away games,
  18. Conn

    Tips & Tricks when tactic seems off.

    As of late one can brows the different tactic forums and read post after post that this don't work for this or that team, league or nation. Pointed at the patches and ME inventing strategies to put you out of your place. at best the average of this is correctly assumed and one can only pray to...
  19. Conn

    West Ham - Hard Work tactic!

    Hey guys, i fixed it myself ;) EDITED!
  20. Conn

    FM 2018 Errors - Gamplay issues

    Hello all. Seming the rage tread isnt particulary suited for this and that this is the biggest community on the web for the game i thought i make a tread for this (title can be altered). Reason for this is that i have huge issues with the inbox and scout raports mainly. The inbox takes 10...