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    Overall most successful tactic for Fm 19

    Hello managers, I know you guys see this a lot but I never really got a conclusive answer hence I’d like to ask again. what is the most successful tactic for FM 19?? links to threads or download links would be very much appreciated. please respond if you can. Save me from another dressing...
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    What was the best tactic for FM 15.1?

    Hello guys, decided to kick it back and start a new save on FM 15. It’s 5 years later now lol but I would really appreciate an answer. Can someone please advise what was the best 4-3-3 tactic for this year? If you have the FMF file, that’ll be most appreciated. 🙏🏿
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    Best rated tactic?

    It seems everyone has hopped on to FM 18. However I’m stuck playing Fm 17 and just want to know in your experience, what was the best rated tactic for FM 17? A link directing me to said tactic would be much appreciated.
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    Facundo Colidio

    Hey guys, still in my first season (Towards the end though; April 2017) of my Real Madrid save. I tend to sign potentially good youngsters and already acquired Ze Gomes. Benzema has be moaning about wanting a new challenge and no one is ready to buy him (but I’ll find a way to offload come...
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    Potentially great Centre back.

    Hey guys, started a Real Madrid save and sold Nacho, Pepe and Llorente. I’ve been doing really well in all competitions and have Johnny as a fix-it-all solution should one of them get injured or suspended. However I fear a case of both getting injured or suspended. I’ve seen reports about Jorge...
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    The Curious case of Man Utd attackers

    Hate to beat around the bush so will just get right to it! Ibra was a serious problem for me first season as he was plagued with injuries. Out for like 5 months or thereabouts.. Came back and got on a decent scoring form hence i extended his contract. Start of second season he was out again...