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    FM12 Update season 20/2021: Summer Transfer Deal Done

    Hi, FM12 Update season 20/2021: Summer Transfer Deal Done ep01 Contact: [email protected] Thanks
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    Football Manager 2012 update 2020: Recap of lower divisions of major championships

    Hi, 5 big championship of the world : (the lower divisions) Contact: [email protected] Thanks
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    Valid Link to install Football Manager 2012

    Hi This is a valid link to install The game of Football Manager 2012!EoJWWC6Q!jmq5w77fKJzWrjolCNsUFVZxGi2477oqWheCRMEoDLk Thank you
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    Hi, In attach, we can find a resume of my work until now put your comments or contact me on [email protected] for your suggestion leagues that you want to be updated . The update don't stop.... thank you
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    Brasileiro 2020

    Hi, For fans of FM2012 and especially the Brazilian league Contact: [email protected] Thank you
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    resource archiver

    Hi, did anyone know how to modify the rules in the game (FM2012) with resource archiver thanks in advance
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    FM2012 Wonderkids : The most valuable players U20

    Hi, FM2012 Wonderkids : The most valuable players U20 Contct: [email protected] Thank you
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    FM 2012 Season 2020: THE RECAP

    Hi, This is a recap for the Update FM 2012 season 2020 for the link of the patch, contact me on : [email protected] Thank you
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    Play in Italian League season 2020 (Link in thread)

    Hi Friends, This is a savegame of new season 2020 of Italian League "Serie A TIM"!l0QVwaLL!bnhzuRRr8s0kQ-BFhhAAPoWiTekOqxDr09lTe2AWr5c Contact: [email protected] Follow me : Enjoy
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    Winter Transfer 2020

    Hi friends The winter transfer 2020 is now available in my patch Contact: [email protected] Thank you
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    Polish league season 19/2020

    Hi Friends You can find now in my update FM2012 season 19/2020 the Totality of Polish league as today with NA & PA of all players as FM2020. The list of league completed as today: * Italy: Serie A * England: Premier League + Sky Bet Championship * France: Ligue 1 Conforma + Ligue 2...
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    Bundesliga season 19/2020

    Hi this is a savegame for the bundesliga season 19/2020!1shWRQQC!g8p0dsiE3c2sbPtN79liZ-Y8SyJdxpyy7IawvgjO46o if you want a totality of update contact me : [email protected] the completed championship with the CA & PA of players as FM2020: Italie + England + 2nd England +...
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    Football manager 2012 update 19/2020: Annonce (AD)

    AD: The changes made in my update Football Manager 2012 season 2019/2020 is: 1- Update of All transfers around the world 2- Update of Current Level and potential of players (referring to FM 19 and FM20) 3- Update of coaches / competitions / player contracts 4- Age of players is like today 5-...
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    Update 19/2020 FM2012: new league

    Hi The Slovenian league is updated as FM2020 Contact: [email protected] Thank you
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    FM12 season 19/2020: LIGA NOS COMPLETED

    Hi Liga NOS 19/2020 with CA & NA player as FM2020 Contact for the link: [email protected] Thanks
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    FM2012 update 19/2020: Jupiler League completed

    Hi Jupiler League 19/2020 with CA & NA player as FM2020 contact for the link: [email protected] Thanks
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    Update 19/2020 PA & CA like FM2020

    Hi My first championship updated 19/2020 with PA & CA like FM2020 Contact: [email protected]
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    Football manager 2012 update 2019 laissez vos commentaire
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    football manager 2012 update 2017-2018