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    Scouting package won't upgrade

    I recently started a save with a swedish lower league-team from the third tier. The first season the economy wasn't that good, so I just had the nation-scouting package. Now that I've moved up a tier, I have enough scouting money to upgrade to region, which in my case should cover Sweden and...
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    Federcico DiMarco

    I'm in my fifth season with Newcastle and just qualified for the Champions League. My team is pretty much complete already, except for the left back-position. As for the moment, I have Cancelo playing there, but I'd like to have a left-footed wingback that can defend as well as attack (since...
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    Signing Bernardo Silva

    I'm currently playing as Newcastle and I'm on my fourth season, finishing 1st (Championship), 8th and 6th previous seasons. With a budget of about 130m I want to establish myselves in the absolute top with some decent, young stars, especially as I'm heading into the EL this season. Bernardo...
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    Player won't sign a new contract

    I'm playing with Stuttgart using the latest update, meaning I started out in 2. Bundesliga first season. I've managed to offload some big names and extended the contracts with a few others, however my biggest star Filip Kostic won't even discuss a new contract. I'm on my third season, first...
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    Boubacar Barry

    Just recently started a save with the new update playing as Stuttgart in 2. Bundesliga. I've sold a couple of the older players and since I'm still dominating the league I want to take the oppurtunity to develop young, german talents. I came across Barry in Karlsruhe, a 19 year old offensive...
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    Rulli or Horn?

    I'm currently in my 3rd season with Hertha Berlin, finished 7th last season and will be playing EL again next season. I managed to sign Rulli on a free transfer at the end of first season, and he's been great for me so far. Now Arsenal want to buy him, and have placed a bid for 20 mill on him...
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    Buy Back Clause

    I'm currently playing with Sassuolo with the latest patch and I'm on my second season. Berardi is, as usual, insane for me, but I noticed that Juventus has got a buy back clause for 17M on him. I turned town offers for about 45M in the summer since he's invaluable for me, but I feel it's only a...
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    Pau Miguelez

    Currently in my 2nd season with Sassuolo and I just noticed this hidden gem in Racing Santander with a release clause of 1,4m. Any one got any experience of him and know how he develops? I'm using the latest patch, by the way.
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    Playing in the MLS - Superdraft?

    Just started a new save with the latest LFCMarshall's update, managing Seattle Sounderers. A few weeks into the regular season, the Red Bulls apporach me with an trade offer for my american rightback Brad Evans, offering Orlando City's 1st round pick in the 2015 Superdraft and addition-draft...
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    Dennis Praet - Anderlecht

    Managed to sign this player on free after this season, I'm currently in January 2017 playing with Sassuolo. Is he still as good as he was on previous games?
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    EL Winners qualification

    I was wondering if the EL-winner in FM also gets qutomatically qualified for CL or EL next season like in real life, or if that only applies in the CL, in case the winner is not qualified through the league. Currently in the semis with Wolverhampton but I'm only 8th in the BPL, so I might not be...
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    Building a tactic from the back

    Was thinking of going a bit Mourinho and build my tactic with the base at the back, playing a low, disciplined defensiveline with tight marking, wingers that contribute to the defensive pressing and a tight centremid. With FM15 being an attacking-friendly game though, I'm wondering if it's...
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    Brought in this lad to Leipzig from Corinthians for 2M in January second season. So far he hasn't impressed, 1 goal on 10 games and 6.64 rating. Still he's rated 4 stars, keyplayer for the league and potential to become an absolute worldclass forward in the future. Since I had to let Poulsen go...
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    German Bundesliga - Euro-qualifications?

    Was wondering how the EL-spots in Bundesliga were arrenged. It says 5 and 6 are direct-qualified, while 7 may be depending on the German cup. In the german cup, it simply says the winner is qualified for the EL. My question is, if a team that is already qualified for Europe next season wins the...
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    Extra Europa Leauge-spot

    Hi! If two teams that are already qualified for the EL/CL goes to the FA Cup-finale, will the 7th team in the league get the extra EL-spot then? A team that's currently in the middle of the table and won't qualify for any European cup went to the Channel One-finale against a team that will, so...