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    Our old friend crash dumps Anybody have any ideas how to get past this? I usually get through about a week of in game play before getting this
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    Issue with new computer

    Hey guys, basically I have downloaded steam on a different computer, downloaded FM 12 and moved my old save across. The problem occurs whenever I try and go from the team talk screen to the actual in-game engine itself. It always makes the game not respond and close automatically. Any ideas...
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    Emotionally Attached?

    Do you ever feel as though you get emotionally involved in a game? For example, I feel sorry for managers when i declare interest in their job. Also I can never release old players. Anyone else this pathetic?
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    Sick of 0-0 draws?

    Are you sick of watching pitiful goalless draws with 4 shots a game? Try this! If you think about it, you score from a lot of attacks. But also they do. So in effect, you're just making it more attacking game. It doesn't always work against top teams.
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    To all fm11 demo finishers...

    Hey. Just wondering what the demo finish date was? Dec 31st? Jan 1st? Something like that. Also if you get to that date, can you still load the save? Or can you just not continue through time or what? Cheers.
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    The Prestigious Pilgrim.

    Another typical day in Buenos Aires. 3PM, me, Diego and Ariel stood outside my house playing in the car park with whatever other kids we could find. We would all pretend to be different footballers whilest we were playing. Maxi Rodríguez passed to Di Maria who crossed it into me. Instead of...
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    Fixture error please help!

    Is there an obvious reason for this im missing? Has anyone else experienced this?How do I fix it? Whenever I click the score it does nothing. Why is this?
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    The Life Of A Rising Star

    Dear diary As I stood in the pouring rain watching my dad casually jog up and down the pitch, I was busy thinking about what I would do after I left my under 16 league. All I could think was I didn't want this. I didn't want the meet up with the lads in the pub and have a kick around. I wanted...
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    Hello, is it me you're looking for?

    Hey! I've been off the site for about 6 months now, but I've missed you all too much. Anyone remember me, wanna say hi or introduce themselves if they are new?
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    Change the appearance of regens?

    I looked long and hard but couldn't find a thread on this. If there is one, no verbal rape please. Is there anything to download to make regens look better? Or even just different ones. Firstly, everyone hates the way they look. Second, I always seem to get about the same 20. Can anyone...
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    When loaning out players?

    Ok I'll get right down to it. If you loan out a player to an inactive league does he still gain experience? Cheers guys. P.S If there is already a thread I couldn't find it.
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    How come I never did this?

    I just noticed I never after being on here for about a year so I felt like I may as well do it, I noticed this completely of my own accord (copied Chris and timmsy123). So I'm Matt Wetherall(stalkers welcome), I'm 14 and the government make me go to school. I play for a team (who shall remain...
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    Portsmouth-Pomping up the table

    Grant turns down Portsmouth job Today Avram Grant was offered the Portsmouth job following Paul Harts quick exit. He decided it wasn't right for him as he quit football to persue his passion for horse trampolining. Who will the board choose to lead Portsmouth out of these problems?
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    The xbox/playstation community

    Hey guys, I've seen a lot of people on odd threads posting each other their gamertags and the playstation version of that (not sure what it is) on threads and I thought I'd make an official place. Before anyone jumps down my throat I used the search tool and couldn't find one of these. I'll...
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    Anymore Aussie leagues?

    I want to start a game as an Australian team but I wanna find lower leagues. 1) I'm not king of Australian football so is there anymore leagues? 2) If so is there any available to download to FM10? Cheers boys and girls. =]
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    The official joke thread.

    Ok I don't think there is one of these so I may as well be the person to post it. Feel free to post any joke you want. Can be long or short. Don't spam please. I'll get the ball rolling. 1) A man and his friend are playing gold at a local course. One of the men are about to take his shot when a...
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    Crash dumps?

    Ok so I'm editing my game beforehand to create a team full of me and my friends. I altered burnley, deleted thier players and added my own.When I go to new game and select active leagues it's fine. Then after I continue i get a crash dump message. Can anyone tell me a list of possible reasons...
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    What do these guys want from me?

    Cmon, I at least put 1 past leeds. This is just a rough estimate but about 6/7 divisions seperate us.
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    How do you design your own badges?

    After downloading all the other leagues I decided to take charge of my local team brid town. How do you design and set your own badge?? Taa
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    Essam El Hadary?

    Has anyone heard of this guy? I found him in fm10. Apparently a "good championship keeper" 1.5K!!