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    Maribor: Moneyball Style

    Back on Football Manager 2014 I had a very successful, and enjoyable, long term save with Maribor in which I tried to turn the Slovenian club into a European powerhouse while developing talent for the national team. After 10 seasons I even tried to turn it into a story. But unfortunately I had...
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    Striker for Inter 2014/2015

    Looking for a young forward to replace Milito and Palacio to play a False 9/Advanced Forward role. Hopefully someone in their early twenties and ready for the first team right away. Note: Timo Werner is not an option, his value has sky rocketed and would now take like 50 million to buy him and...
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    Maribor 2020

    The year is 2020 and Maribor are on the rise in European football. The team from the Balkans country of Slovenia has slowly been gaining continental attention since the appointment of manager Calvin Rowaan in 2013. Since his arrival at the club, the young Canadian manager has guided the team...
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    1st Season Huddersfield

    Looking for good young players that would be willing to sign for Huddersfield while still in the Championship. I want them to develop into decent or good Premier League players, not really expecting any stars. I've got about 300k to spend and a good amount of wages available.
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    Largest Margin By Which to Win League

    I am wondering what is the largest point margin that people have had when they won the league? Today I won the Slovenian First League by a whooping 24 points. Made more surprising by the fact that two of my loses came to the team in second.
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    Club and Country Challenges

    I was wondering if there are any other club and country combos that one can work on a challenge with similar to the San Marino Challenge. I was thinking that it might be possible with Andorra since they have two clubs that play in the Spanish league structure. I am not sure if they are...
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    Targeting Opponent's Weak Links

    I have had success in matches where I have targeted a team's weak full back by focusing my passing to that side of the pitch. How would one target other positions like a weak center back or defensive midfielder? Would focusing your team's passing through the middle be a good approach? FM 13's...
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    Swap Position

    In previous tactics I have created I have never been successful with having players swap positions. Has anybody been very successful with having their wingers switching sides and how have you done this? In real life, it is a good tactic but is it the same on FM?
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    Tactic for my Spurs team

    I am looking for a tactic for my Spurs team. Its 2014/2015 and I've just come off of winning the quad so I need something to follow up that success. I was using Koflok's Goals Galore through the first three seasons and it was fantastic but I couldn't resist signing Rooney when he was transfer...
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    Rogerio - Nautico

    Name:​ Jose Rogerio de Oliveira Melo Club: Nautico Nationality: Brazilian DOB: 24.12.1990 Position: Striker Strenghts: Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch (basically all his technical and physical skills are good for a 20 year old) Weaknesses: Positioning, Determination Recommend Role: scout...
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    Good Tactic with 3 at the Back

    I am looking for a good tactic that uses 3 at the back for my Napoli save. I was trying to develop my own but I get bored quickly of trying to create my own tactics, especially when they are not being super effective. And suggestions, with links to download thread, would be much appreciated.
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    Supporting Your National Team

    This is more for the users who come from a nation that is not a hot bed for football, such as Canada. I recently went to the friendly between Canada and Ecuador, in which we pulled off a draw against a much higher ranked and probably stronger squad. It was my first taste of live professional...
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    Here We Call It Soccer - Canadian Perspective on the Footballing World

    Here We Call It Soccer is a blog run by two Canadian football fans who are sharing their unique perspective on key events in the footballing world. Get a new view on transfers, matches, and everything football from North America to Europe and the rest of the world. Here we call it Soccer You...
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    Sunderland - ST - 1st Season

    Looking for a striker to play as a Trequartista for Sunderland. Budget is 30 million but would prefer to pay only around 20 million.
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    How to Make DMC Act as Third DC?

    I have been working on a tactic that involves attacking Full Backs so I want my DMC to drop deep to almost in line with my DCs, like Barcelona do. Can some one who has successfully managed this please tell me the instructions they gave their DMC or just post a screen shot of how you edited his...
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    Lorenzo Faravelli - Newell's Old Boys

    Name: Lorenzo Abel Faravelli Club: Newell's Old Boys D.O.B: 23.3.1993 Nationality: Argentinean Position: AMC Strengths: Passing, Technique, Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch Weaknesses: Positioning, Concentration He has reasonable numbers for a player his age in all categories important to...
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    Youth Recruitment

    How do you improve your teams Youth Recruitment?
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    Yohann Pele - GK - Toulouse FC

    Name: Yohann Pele Club: Toulouse FC D.O.B: 4.11.1982 Nationality: French Position: GK Strengths: Aerial Ability, Jumping, Handling, One on Ones, Reflexes Weaknesses: First Touch, Kicking, Work Rate Description: Goalkeeper Personality: Fairly Sporting Suggested Roles: Goalkeeper - Defend...
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    Cedric - Numancia

    Name: Cedric Mabwati Gerard Club: Numancia D.O.B: 5.3.1992 Nationality: Spanish Position: AM R/L Strengths: Physical attributes, dribbling Weaknesses: Passing, First Touch Description: Winger Personality: Fairly Ambitious Suggested Roles: Winger - Attack Cedric has amazing physical stats...
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    Hiago - Juventude

    Name: Hiago de Oliveria Ramiro Club: Juventude D.O.B: 20.9.1991 Nationality: Brazilian Position: ST, AMC Strengths: Finishing, Dribbling, First Touch, Work Rate Weaknesses: Determination, Bravery, Strength (he's still young) Description: Midfielder Personality: Fairly Loyal Suggested...