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    Having a son in FM14

    Hi I have heard rumours that on youth intake day, a son can be generated if you have been manager of the same club for ten years. Is this true?
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    game freeze when uploading archived tactics

    Can anyone help me? My game freezes when I try to load archived tactics. It just locks up. I've no idea why but it is as annoying as ****! Any ideas guys?
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    During a game i frequently try to shout instructions to my team but it doesnt seem to work. It says that the shout is pending and it will be done at the next break in play. It doesnt do this. It says pending for the whole time! Am i doing something wrong?
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    Director of football?

    Can anyone give me a few pointers on how best to utilize my Director of Football please? Also, if anyone has any advice on what tasks i should apply to my Head of Youth Development, i would be grateful. Thanks.
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    Blue Square Bet North

    I've recently started a game managing Bradford Park Avenue but i am struggling to find a tactic that works well in the lower leagues. Has anyone with lower league experience got any advice please?
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    scottish leagues

    i am manager of scottish division 3 Annan Athletic and i cant seem to get the results i need. I am constantly prevented from employing new coaches and the ones i have are not good.My players seriously need training as they are unfit and I wonder if any of you guys have experienced the same and...