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    BlueLock 433AMRC - ByH

    Would be nice to see AMC perform in this match engine for a change... How did striker and AMC perform for you (goals/assists)? ByH always makes interesting tactics (y)
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    KILLERBEE 4-3-3

    Well that's a lot of goals! I was mostly excited with the 57 assists from AMC position, then I saw 20 & 19 goals for the centre backs 😁. Can't find any joy with match engine at the moment, so will give it a go!
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    ByH's ZeroTop tactics collection

    Thanks! Yeah I like zero-top tactics because at least the playing style is a bit different, I find match engine very boring and all standard tactics look very much the same. Keep us updated if you create new strikerless tactics 😁
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    ByH's ZeroTop tactics collection

    Hey ByH thanks for all the tactics :). As a fan of strikerless I'm very interested in this thread, which tactic would you suggest? There are so many, it's hard to pick one 😁
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    Tactics from around the world

    Thanks! Very promising from first games I've played.
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    Tactics from around the world

    Can someone share this one?
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    playgm Wufeng Swords

    Good! For now I'm mainly impressed by efficiency of set pieces, all three central defenders seem to score quite a few goals. Btw would it be possible in the future to indicate top scoring position (including number of goals) of the tactics that have been tested? I think it would be helpful...
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    playgm Wufeng Swords

    I actually prefer strikerless but also like the (shadow) strikers to score the most of goals! Does this tactic create good chances for the AMC?
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    FMKorea Mafia 424 - ByH

    This is working surprisingly well for me.
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    Tactics from around the world

    Thanks. Tested a bit with Salzburg (easy I know) and enjoyed the playing style. Will try in other leagues now.
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    Tactics from around the world

    Can anyone upload this tactic from FM Korea? I have a soft spot for strikerless and this looks interesting
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    FMKorea 4132 Narrow Strikerless "Gunner Wenger"

    I only managed a couple of pre-season friendlies before my usual crashes odyssey, though I liked the playing style of this tactic. 1-on-1 misses might test your patience! Will test it more if I can somehow fix my crash issues.
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    Tactics from around the world

    If I can have a mulligan, I would like to request this tactic from FM Korea - strikerless, looks interesting. Thanks!
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    Tactics from around the world

    Anyone can upload this from FM korea?
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    New club in A-League

    Because I could never find a way to remove the hardcoded continental ban for Wellington Phoenix, I was thinking of adding the defunct Football Kingz (also NZ based) to A-League instead so I can finally have a New Zealand club that can qualify for AFC champions league. I'm really not very good...
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    Road to 1000 goals: Life of a Striker

    This is my latest attempt of a story, and it's going to be about the career of a single player rather than a club or manager. More precisely, the career of a striker. The goal? Well goals, actually. 1,000 of them at the very least, and hopefully setting new goal scoring records for both real...
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    Show Off Your Manager

    Show off your brand new avatar after uploading your photo in FM. I'll start... Honestly my avatar looks much cooler than me. Should probably put this on my facebook profile...
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    Tactics & Hidden Attributes

    Anybody struggling with inconsistent form, hit and miss tactics, too many yellow cards, 'scripted' results in key matches: Hidden Attributes matter. A lot. Consistency, Dirtiness, Big Matches hidden attributes of your players can and will make or break your tactic, so pay attention to...
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    Becoming Rogério Ceni: A Scoring Goalkeeper Story

    Rogério Ceni: the man, the myth. The goalkeeper that scored 131 goals for Sao Paulo during his long, illustrious career for the club. Winner of World Cup, Copa Libertadores, Club World Cup and many other trophies, Rogério is mostly remembered for his goal scoring ability, from both free kicks...