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    Left Back Spurs 4th season

    Coming up to Jan window 4-5th season. Selling Rose for (£25m), Davies for (£37m) need to replace both. Any suggestions? Note Tierney is at Arsenal and will never leave for Spurs, Grimaldo, Robertson, Hernandez are too expensive. Have 60m-70m to spend to get two LB’s. Thinking Firpo (Betis)...
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    Ryan Sessegnon worth buying?

    Fulham got relegated after first season, he’s available for £23m, i’m Spurs and the board only gave me £40m despite winning the league so top class options are limited as I need a RB as well..Is he worth a punt as at the moment his stats are just a bit so,so..
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    Tottenham - RB + CDM

    £20m to spend on each, Chinese teams offered after window was shut following Jan 1st season and bid for Aurier and Wanyama, sold both (£25m + £30m) but board didn't let me have all the cash. So am short of a couple of players. Any signings wouldn't come until summer transfer window so have time...
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    Tottenham signings first season

    Wondering who people have been getting for Spurs, first season? Just started my save but the transfer budget of 27m is a bit tight to get top quality and we seem to have a lot of injuries at the start. Adding to this Vertonghan and Aldewei out of contract at the end of the season so cautious...
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    CB, CM, Forward Spurs 2nd Season

    Looking to add some talent to my team. Looking for a CB, maybe CM/DLP and a back-up striker. Have £60m to spend in total, but like to get bargains. Other clubs have already signed many decent targets such as De Vrij, Vergil VD, De Ligt, Melinko-Savic, Pellegri, Romero. Current 4-2-3-1 line-up...
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    Should I sell Dembele - Spurs

    Spurs, First season, Jan window, been offered £24m by a Chinese team. It’s not a great offer but he’s 30 and on pretty high wage. Would likely be looking to sell in the next couple of seasons anyway. Nothing in the transfer pot as spent it already on Dolberg, Brandt and Berardi..
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    Should I buy ousmane dembele

    Should I buy dembele, he's on the transfer list by request, Dortmund want £60m? Play as Spurs 4th season. Have Son, Brandt, Fekir, Bernardeschi as wingers/IF already..have £90m budget but have never been one to splash too much cash. Other option could be Mbappe, Pulisic who I think would be...
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    Spurs 2nd Season - AM L/R + Striker

    Spurs 2nd Season Looking for an attacking midfielder who can play on the right as an inside forward and also be effective on the left. Looking to spend £20m. Also looking for a striker/complete forward/poacher £20m budget. I normally play 4-2-3-1. Tempted to get Vietto as a rotation who is...
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    Right Back for Tottenham 3rd Season

    I'm after a Right back, £7m to spend. Can't get Clyne, Peruzzi, Coleman as they are too expensive or recently gone to new clubs. Looking for someone to rotate with Walker.