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    Agent/Player Offers in Scouting Report

    When you get a Scouting Meeting in your inbox there should be a drop down at the top right of it which says 'filter', if you click on that there are options in that which include what you see from who and you can exclude agents
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    Consortium Takeovers

    I had a similar one with Newcastle. They put in bids for Ruben Dias and Chiesa. Both around £50 million. I was in two minds. I really like both players but already had a pretty good group and some quality youth players so left me with a bit of a headache! Only issue was that the board got...
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    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    Also, next on the list! The board accepted an offer for a player because it was too good to reject (I did not want to sell him!). In the manager performance bit for transfers they say they're very disappointed with the sale! WTF?! They sold him, not me!
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    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    Aaaggh! First issue with this version. I'm playing as Harrogate in the Vanarama National. It's January and I get a message saying the board's not happy we haven't won promotion to the CHAMPIONSHIP!! I have a look at the vision and turns out its something they put in for a couple of seasons ahead...
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    Club Stature issue with board

    Has anyone had any issues with club stature? I won the league, champions league, fa cup and league cup, but the board are not happy at all! Screenshot attached
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    Transfer list player by default

    When you offer players to clubs, is there a way to set the 'place on transfer list' check box at the bottom on as default? It's pretty annoying to have to do it every time
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    Ridiculous Situation

    So I'm in my first season with Newcastle, we're doing ok sitting in 9th. A tycoon comes in and takes over the club. This is in March so obviously outside the transfer window! He sends me a message saying with the money they've given me they expect to finish in a Champions League place this...
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    penalty shootout order

    So just played a Community Shield match, went to penalties. It started off with me (Man Utd) then Chelsea, but then went MU-MU-Ch-Ch-MU-MU-Ch-Ch. Anyone else had this weird order?
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    why is it lagging

    Hey, so I've been playing FM for years and never really had any technical issues. About a year ago I got a new computer which I use mainly for my work (but also to run FM on!) It's a very powerful Mac Pro, I've got 64GB Ram, a 12 core processor and an SSD so why is FM so laggy??? Every time I...
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    Home/away form

    So maybe I'm just being an idiot but...I'm playing with Newcastle, in my 5th season. My home form has been amazing, but I just can't seem to keep any consistency away, driving me mad! I rarely seem to be able to win away and the best we ever seem to get is a draw that's been rescued in the last...
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    Attribute changes

    Does anyone know if there's away to not show the attribute changes in the player's overview screen. I dont mean the attribute screen with the tick box, just the overview. I just find it a bit too cluttered to see!
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    New tactics screen

    Is it just me or does anyone else really hate the new pitch in the tactics screen?? Why do the player icons have to be so massive?! What was so wrong with a little shirt icon??
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    Long bans

    Just wondering if anyone has seen players get really long bans in the game? Obviously it's pretty rare in reality but would be fun to see, like Suarez, Cantona etc.
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    Club cannot currently afford the player

    Has anyone seen this as well? When you get a scout report and he comes back saying that the club cannot currently afford the player, even though I have more than enough in the transfer budget and enough room in the wage budget...