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    Murley's Red Story

    Murley's Red Challenge Targets for this save: Finish top and win the league Win Champions League Win FA Cup Expand Stadium to the biggest in the league Find or Develop a player(s) which will win Top Goalscorer/Most Assists/Most MoM Awards/Highest Avg Rating This is my first story so go easy...
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    End Of Contract

    Right, I'm currently just entered the January window and as I do every year on the 1st of January I always try and find good players who's contracts are going to be expire in the summer. I have found a few players I am interested signing using the End of Contract ruling, but the problem is, it...
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    Chairman Game?

    I know it's still rather early since the new FM hasn't been out for that long but... I was wondering if anyone was thinking about creating a Chairman Game for this years FM? If so, write my name down as I'd be interested in joining as I bet a few others would be as well :D.
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    Signing players + add ons

    Just a quick question, may be stupid may not be. On my save, I am trying to sign Bruno Fernandes from Udinese and have seen Liverpool have made a bid of £9.25m+. I understand £9.25m+ could mean any price above that but does that mean it's 9.25m coming from Liverpool's budget for THIS season or...
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    Kevin Trapp

    Anyone tried out Kevin Trapp yet this year? Just signed him on a free after the 2nd season has a 4.5* PA and was wondering if he is as good as he potential looks.
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    2nd season newly promoted Serie A

    Just been promoted with Liverno into Serie A and am looking for a whole new revamped team so any players you believe who would come to a newly promoted team throw them at me so I can have a little look. Budget I have currently been given is 15m but the owner is about to retire so I could get a...
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    Israeli League

    This year I've played alot of different saves in a lot of different leagues from BPL to San Mario Challenge to 2nd tier French and haven't really had THAT save so I've tried something a little different. I've just started a save in the Israeli Premier League to try and find that good save to...
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    Auction Game?

    Anyone doing any auction style games this year? Doesn't seem to be must interest in them which is a shame. If anyone is thinking about starting one or so pm me as I'll be in.
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    CSKA Moscow

    Anyone tried starting a save in the russian league yet? I've just started with CSKA Moscow and not doing too badly but struggling with depth of the squad. I've tried to sign a few good players but had no luck due to there lack of interest in the club and because the agents fee is so **** high...
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    Fernando (Germio) + Raffidine Abdullah (OM)

    I'm in my second season with Liverpool and just bought these 2 players and was wondering if anyone has played with or bought these players before? If so, what are they like and any screenshots if possible in the future would be great also :) I got Fernando for 22.5m and Abdullah on a free...
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    English league 1, season 1

    Just started a season in league one and got a good formation and chemistry going but still slacking goals. My strikers are awful and was wondering if anyone has any good players or know of some good cheap strikers around 100k mark.
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    Leaking back four

    Hey guys, Just looking for a bit of advice or help on my back 4. I'm currently playing with Sporting (POR) using a 4-2-3-1 formation and seem to be letting in a **** of a lot of goals all of a sudden but confused on why. Any advice on how it could be set up for this type of formation would be...
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    Rafael (Santos) vs Renia

    Who would you guys pick? In 1st season as Liverpool so not in need of a new keeper as Reina is going strong but I'm a player who likes to look for the future. Haven't had this player before so was wondering what he is like and if you could compared both players. I've played again Rafael before...
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    Rafael - Santos

    Hey guys I've started a save with Fluminense and Liverpool are interested in my keeper as they have just sold Reina to Arsenal. I've been looking for another (Brazilian) keeper to replace him and seen this keeper Rafael for santos. Anyone had any experiences with this guy anyone recommend him...
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    4-2-3-1 help

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good 4-2-3-1 tactic which strong both attacking and defensive. I'm looking to create my own with back 4, 2 DM's, AMR/AML/AMC and ST and looking for a bit of advice and maybe a guideline to look at. Cheers.
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    Argentine Premier League

    Hey guys, I've just been promoted into the Argentine Premier League with Rosario Central and I know I'm going to struggle in this league with the likes of Boca etc. having such good teams. I am a little short on budget as the club is pretty poor at the moment and was wondering if anyone has...