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    Can't Work a 4-2-3-1

    I am trying to create a 4231 that dominates against 442s by having the AMC utilise the space between the opposition defence and midfield. The other requirement is that the striker is on an attack duty, since my best attacking player is my finisher.So far, games where I have used this tactic have...
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    Stand Off & Counter / Park the Bus

    Hi all, I am a big fan of keeping things tight at the back. Especially in big away games, I would prefer to secure the draw and maybe a lucky win, than risk a loss. My strategy would be to take them at home. I haven't seen many tactics that follow this philosophy. Any idea how you would set...
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    ASIA TIMEZONE - Network Game

    Hi guys, I am currently away in Hong Kong for a while. As a result, I would need someone willing to play at the correct times. UK time 7pm is 2am here. So... around that. Open to any league. Thanks.
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    Game Won't Launch (MAC) // Rant About SI's Incompetence

    The issue: Steam has just updated (this may be irrelevant). When I click to start FM, the screen sort of flickers a little as if it's about to start, with the bar at the top disappearing as if to go into full-screen game mode. Nothing happens. I go onto 'Force Quit' and FM is listed as an open...
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    What's the point in anything but a 3 ST tactic?

    Hey, I love my defensive counter attacking football. But it seems if you want to be world dominant you must utilise a 3 striker formation. How handicapped really are, say, a 4-1-4-1; or, a 4-2-3-1? Am I wasting my time by studying the opposition and making alterations per game? Should I just...
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    Creating a tactic - what's the point?

    Hi, I have great interest in football tactics. If I was a manager I'd be a tactician. I like defence-first football. Mourinho, Simeone, Conte. Relating this to football manager, I could have some fun creating tactics that suit my philosophy (and I have). But after reading Mr Langvatn's...
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    Getting to Grips With Tactics - 4231

    Hi, In order to get used to the game, I have taken over Spurs. I've played Football Manager since 2006 and numerous other manager games before that. Back then, tactics were easy. However, the past 2 versions have been a struggle and I've ended up adapting tactics - a favourite being the Simeone...
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    Gegenpressing Queries

    Hi all, I'm trying to recreate the Klopp style gegenpressing with my Rangers side. Relative to the league, I've brought in players with high work rate. So far, I've won every game and things are going well. However, the standard of opposition isn't great and against better sides, I suspect I...
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    Tactical Help - Creating Space for Attacks

    Hi, The aim of my tactic is to create space. I do this in a number of ways: letting my inside forward tuck in to allow space for my left back to overlap / letting my DLF(s) drop to allow my winger(a) in behind / movement between the lines with an attack and support duty in defence, attacking...
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    Any Input Appreciated

    FM16 TACTICAL EXPERTS: I am imitating Mark Warburton's current playing style, formerly adopted by managers such as Guardiola. The ball starts on one side of the pitch, which is overloaded, leaving space on the other side of the pitch for a free player to be picked out and finish. However...
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    Promoting a Country's Football Leagues

    Hi all, I was just wondering if it's possible to promote a country's football leagues. Say, for example, you took over Malmo in Sweden, won back to back champions leagues and took over the national team, competing in the finals of World Cups. Would that see the league reputation rise to a...
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    In-Game Pop-ups Won't Show

    Hi Having a bit of a problem here - some of my in-game popups won't show up when selected, such as Match Stats, however other ones will. I've tried reinstalling the game with no success. Any ideas? Thanks Aidan
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    Homegrown Question

    Hi, So I'm starting a Barcelona save whereby I am only allowed to sign u18s. If I buy someone, but he doesn't arrive till just after his 18th birthday, can he qualify as homegrown after being trained in Spain for 3 years if he was bought when he was 17? Thanks, Aidan
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    Is this too attacking?

    Hi everyone, Would like your thoughts on this tactic - is it too attacking? How can I adapt it for tough fixtures? Thanks!
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    Saturday/Wednesday Matchdays

    Hi, I started a save and I'm really into it but I've just noticed all my fixtures are Saturday and Wednesday due to an online game I created previously. Will this change if I untick the 'use saturday and wednesday match days' gradually? Or will it take till the next season for this to change...
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    In-game Pop-ups Not All Working

    Hi, For some reason some of my in-game pop-ups won't work, such as Match Stats. This is strange because others do work, such as League Table. Any tips? Cheers, Aidan
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    Scottish Network Game - 25/05/15

    Hi there, I am a Rangers fan and was wondering if anyone would like to join the game - preferably looking for the likes of a manager for Celtic :S and perhaps Hearts/Hibs or another team in the SPL. I run on a macbook pro with good internet connection. I'd also like to use Hamachi to...
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    Overpowering 4231 + Tricky 451 Combo

    Hi, I've never posted a tactic before. However, this time I thought I had to, in order to share what I think is the best tactic I've created for years. What makes me think this is the incredible amount of wins I have achieved in my first season thus far, whilst playing the likes of Balanta...
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    Arsenal - Would this work?

    Hi, Just started a new Gunners save and have decided to use the enganche role for the first time. I'd like opinions on this tactic - do you think it will work? If not, why? I appreciate any responses. Aidan.
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    Will this tactic work?

    Hi guys, Trying to adapt from 4231 narrow to 4222 with a target man. Assuming I have the players to fit the style, this is the tactic: Do you reckon it will work? Any obvious flaws? Cheers, Aidan