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    2013/14 update - Wigan in Championship?

    Apologies for making a new thread, where is the update for the new season, if there already is one? Much appreciated!
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    Combining the two..

    BBC Sport - Champions League may have 64 clubs & Europa League scrapped Champions League may have 64 clubs & Europa League scrapped European football's governing body Uefa is considering ditching the Europa League in favour of extending the Champions League from 32 to 64 teams. "We're...
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    Runtime error....

    Am I the only one who keeps getting a runtime error? I play about 3 seasons and no matter what, I always get to a certain point on the game where it crashes and I can't continue. It's really spoiling the whole game for me. Had a few good seasons recently where I've been doing well, e.g. getting...
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    Gary Linaker meets Ronaldo

    BBC Sport - London 2012: When Gary Lineker met Ronaldo What a guy!
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    Steam blocked at work.. Offline mode?

    OK, here's he scenario; I had closed my laptop at home last night when I went to bed, FM still running. I bring my laptop in to work today to play FM and realise that because I closed my laptop whilst FM was still running, the graphics have messed up so I close FM to re-open it so it sorts out...
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    Football Quizzes?

    Anyone know of any good websites with up to date football quizzes? Just something I can do when there's nothing on at work.
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    An 8th season at the top tier for Wigan?

    Can Wigan Athletic do it again? A survival analysis | Los Three Amigos: A Wigan Athletic Site Can Wigan Athletic do it again? A survival analysis by Ned A great analysis from a Wigan fans perspective, but do you think it's possible for Wigan to survive another season in the Premier League...
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    Football Managers may experience possible side-effects..

    I will be updating the OP, I'm not sure I have put enough information in there. Constructive criticism much appreciated. Football Managers May Experience Possible Side-effects.. There I was, sitting in my living room, playing on Football Manager, day dreaming about what it would be...
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    Problem adding logos..

    Alright, sorry if I'm not supposed to make a topic, but it's annoying me! I've followed all of the tutorials on here, doing exactly as I would have done on FM11 (and did, successfully) but the logos just will not appear! I've made a graphics folder, then added a logo folder in to that, reloaded...
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    Spongebob turns nasty

    Ex-Liverpool FC player Ryan Babel’s clash with Spongebob Squarepants (yes, you really did read that) - Liverpool FC News - Liverpool FC - Liverpool Echo FORMER Liverpool FC star Ryan Babel has been involved in a foul-mouthed fall-out... with TV character Spongebob Squarepants! The Dutchman...
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    Real Crime with Mark Austin.

    Anyone been watching these? It's a unique insight to various murder inquiries/man hunts which have happened in recent times. Last night was Raoul Moat, showing you all of it from when he gets put in to prison to Paul Gascoine showing up, it's a really good watch. It has exclusive phone calls and...
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    Lynx adverts - TOO 'raunchy'... (I put raunchy as the title because my browser won't let me re-open it if it contains the word '***'. Stupid work internetz!) [B] Now who the **** is complaining about these!? I'm betting it is a handful (113) of people who sit next to their...
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    Football Manager 2012 is not available at this time...

    Please try again later.. What the fudge? Why can't I load up the game? I've just been playing on it, had to go to the doctors and the laptop has done an automatic update, now when I try to load FM12 it says 'Football Manager 2012 is not available at this time, please try again later'.. Will that...
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    Blackburn's 'corner'

    Ridiculous, IMHO! Andre Marriner had better get a rollocking for that, it's just so amazingly stupid that it's actually quite funny. I thought the first thing a referee is taught is to ALWAYS keep their eye on the ball so mistakes that cost teams points don't happen. I mean, if Alcaraz was...
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    Adem Ljajic.. Sell?

    I bought him for £8,000,000 at the Summer transfer window and he's been absolutely amazing.. Come January, Man City offer me £16,000,000 for him but I refused.. Now, it's February and he has only just got back from injury, having gotten injured just after I refused £16m, but, he has gone and got...
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    Sporting CP 4-2-3-1

    OK, I'm not brilliant at tactics, this is my first attempt, but I'm currently 'raping' the Liga zon Sagres, so I thought I'd share my tactic with you; That's my fixtures, as you can see I've only lost 1 and that's against Barcelona at the Nou Camp. My best players are as follows: (Will...
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    U19 Club European Cup..

    Anyone else had their U19 squad participate in this? I didn't know it existed XD. I just had my Sporting youth in the Semi's but lost to Juve 4 - 2 on penalties, after beating them twice by large margins in the group stages. :(
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    Barry Bannan charged - DUI Premier League footballer Barry Bannan has been charged with four motoring offences following a crash on the M1 in Nottinghamshire last month. The Aston Villa and Scotland midfielder was charged with drinking and driving and failing to stop after an...
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    Liga zon Sagres

    Where's the best place to watch Portuguese matches? Is it only available in England online?
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    Making the most of how little you have...

    I was just having a talk with my mate then and we got to the subject of Wigan.. Specifically; Could Mourinho/Sir Alex/Mancini/Villas Boas, finish in the top 10 if they were the manager of Wigan? Using exactly the same players that Martinez has. The reason we are talking about this is...