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    Pawn361v.Vodu FOOTBALL MANAGER 2012

    Hey people anyone have this tactic for fm 2012 pawn361 vodu please??? thanks ;)
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    Pawn361v.Vodu - Probably the best tactic with 3 DC, 6 Midfielders and 1 Striker! :p

    anyone had this tactic for download and can share please? thanks
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    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    still work for 20.4.1 patch??
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    541 terminator - my tweak of lisa's FM 20.4(4-3-3)@[email protected]

    @dimartino your 451 tweak is good for home games?
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    what about against big teams or away games do you change any in the tactic?
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    Who needs Wingers?

    @Krovsky please share, thank you so much
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    Tactics from around the world

    can someone share this 2 tactics please?
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    Who needs Wingers?

    can you do a 4-3-2-1 formation please? with 2 amc
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    4-4-2 BEAST!

    hey @Cadoni can you tell me what is the best tactic for home games and the best for away games?
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    ACCIDENT 4-2-3-1

    str8sick can you share the 2 tactics please for give a try
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    can you share please?
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    hey @ThePav any change for away games or against big teams?
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    hey @White Europe can you do a 4-2-3-1 for home games please?
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    tactics for home and away please

    anyone have good tactic for home and for away games or hard games please?? thanks;)
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    What the best setpieces?? Thanks
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    any good home and away tactic for 19.3.4 please

    any good home and away tactic for 19.3.4 please?? thanks;)
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    Anyone had a good Home and Away tactics for fm 2019 please?
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    good tactic for lower english league for fm 19.1.5?

    hi anyone have a good tactic for lower english league for fm 19.1.5 ? thanks :)