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    Any new features...?

    I haven't bought FM18 yet, but is there anything new in this year's data editor??
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    Football Manager 2014 Data Editor

    After looooong absence from FM Base, i decided to open thread about FM2014 Editor. I know it's early to open thread about this, but i wanna your opinions about Editor's improvments. For instance, nation rules...Why we cant create Apertura or Clasura, MLS system, if possible, more easily? Why we...
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    Most ''unpopular'' clubs officials

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    FM2011 Data Editor help

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    Is Giggs possible Ferguson's successor?

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    Your favourite Need for Speed title and why? Poll

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    FM 2011: Financial Control

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    Street Racing - Fun or Craziness - Your Opinion

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    I have become a driver

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    Champions League Knockout Phase Today

    Finally, CL begins again. All eyes watch match between Arsenal and Barcelona. Barcelona are hot favourites. What you expect from Real Madrid, Tottenham and minnows Copenhagen? Can Marseille make suprise against Man Utd? Share your view here...
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    Barcelona after Messi, Xavi and Iniesta - Your view

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    Greatest Manager of All Time - Your Opinion