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    FM 20.4.1 - El Turco 4-4-2

    In my tactics, I of course want victory. I also require the team to dominate from start to finish with good all around football. It must be good to watch. AND, strikers must score. This accomplished all of that. I was concerned about the the double DLP originally as I thought they would sit too...
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    FM 20.4.1 - El Turco 4-4-2

    The tactic works great when down to ten men. So much so, I don’t mind it. My team counter attacks so effectively when the opposition is drawn out to attack us. When I lose a player, I make no changes. The relationship between the DLF and and AF is magic. They are both my top scorers. I use a...
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    FM 20.4.1 - El Turco 4-4-2

    With ten men Manchester United. Forgot to mention. Multiple injuries around the 58th minute
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    FM 20.4.1 - El Turco 4-4-2

    Trounced Liverpool 5-1 in CL Final with above tweak
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    FM 20.4.1 - El Turco 4-4-2

    Excellent tactic. Player roles are pretty common, as a benefit. I swapped the the AF and DLF sides to suit my team, added shoot more often to each. Having fun, good football, victory is ours
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    4231 SS-WITCHER bring the wrath of GERALT

    Recent comments aside; this is a great tactic, much thanks for making it. It is a Picasso of a tactic. At times my team is unstoppable and plays some insanely attractive football. I play it on occasion with the attacking WB dropped back on the defensive line and I deselect work ball into box...
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    A masterpiece! For me, playing with Manchester United the tactic gave us total control of matches. Often the opposition will only get one half chance, if at all. I don't think the tactic is limited to hoofball at all, the whole team is involved in the build-up and often there is sweeping moves...
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    Mass Attack Imperator by AD1990

    I switched to balanced mentality and this gave me an improvement in play, particularly in reducing the opposition to no few or no chances. I've tried a number of tweaks but I suggest you guys give mentality change a try if things are not going well. I lost some of the attacking team passing...
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    Reserve Training Tactics - Mysterious Change

    Hi guys - I have my *** Man taking control of the reserve team. However, I want to employ the same tactics as the senior team. One day, this changed on my save and the reserves are using some sort of 442 system not employed by me as the manager. Thoughts/help?