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    How to make your midfield pressing high?

    Hello everyone! As the title says, im having a lot of issues with pressing and tackling in the mid. I use a inverted triangle with one DMC with regista role and 2 MCs. The role of the MCs, IMO should be Box to Box, so they can go up and down the pitch doing everything :D Attacking i don't...
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    Germany NT in 4th season bug?

    After starting my 4th season, i stop having NT calls to my german player. Could someone help me remembering the files to be deleted? They where all deleted at the beginning of the save. I had all players in the NT at the end of the 3rd season. It sucks when i play Bayern....
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    Who to sell?

    In starting my 4th season in Bayern and i play with a 3-4-2-1-0 tactic, so only one AMC. For this position i have Lewandovski, Reus and Shaqiri. Who should i sell, Lewa or Shaqiri. I can't sell Reus because is german.
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    Surprise team in FM14

    Besides the obvious teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, PSG and so on, what teams do you think will or have the potential to challenge, the big sharks? I Bet on Napoli
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    Need British/irish BWM

    Hi there! Im doing a save with United, but i just use the current team and can only buy british/irish players. I have already bought Bale and Wilshere but i dont have a class BWM, except Carrick, which i think is not suited, but it's the best i have, for the moment. Any advice? Many tks
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    How to put man marking to a specficic postition?

    Using my 4-5-1 in Man City, with good results for a tactic that's only at 30 %. Im getting 55 to 65 ball possession, witch at the time seems to be good, and not conceding goals! Soon i will post it here! But i need some advice on one thing: My AMC (Aguero or Balotelli) is man marking the MDC...
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    German nation rights and others alike

    Will we need to delete files like in other editions that will let our players to cap for the nations?
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    Video Blog: Media
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    Video Blog: Transfers and Contracts part two
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    Portuguese League 2013 - To be moved to the FM2013 forum when released

    I would like to create in this forum a Portuguese league discussion. Predictions, results discussion, transfers, anything that could unite the Portuguese fans in this forum. Cheers PS - I believe that this thread could be written in dual language mode
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    No uefa/fifa club rank

    I was wonder if there's a scenario where all the clubs start for scratch with their reputation? Cheers
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    Player history change - Number of games

    Hi all, I was wonder if its possible to show in a players history, not only the league games, but all the official games that the players has made. I'm on a league with 30 games per season, but with 3 cups and European games, i have the double of this and some players only have 5 or 6 games in...
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    The Cataclysm of tatics: 12.0.4 Vs 12.1.1.

    Scrolling across the forum, i see one common thing: Players cant put to work the tatics that they used before 12.1.1. Instead of asking why (match engine, maybe, dunno, dont care), i would like to discuss what people have done to turn things better, what they have done to stay 1st on the...
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    The most beatiful tactic ever played

    1st of all, this is a tribute, not a creation. Im a tactic lunatic, always looking for the "one" but too lazzy to do it. So i scan and read for new tactics, aproaches etc, everything that makes me enjoy watching the game for hours. The...