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    EPL Fantasy Kit Pack

    I'm currently in the starting stages of making a EPL fantasy kit pack, Basically this will have 60 kits = 3 kits each Premier League team, This should be finished by the end of the week and i will upload it onto here :) I will put together a preview tomorrow and post it up on here ^^) Preview...
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    Your Database

    Basically, I'm bored and need something to do, so i was wondering... Does anyone want a particular database or some custom edits for your own game. Really, I will create anything for you on the Editor, from a New Club to a New League
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    Transfer Dilemma's

    Since there are a lot of threads asking 'should i sell this guy' I thought i would make a thread to stop cluttering the threads I have one myself, Valencia made a enquiry for Andrey Arshavin, He is playing well this season, I said i would go for £25.5m, thinking, they wont go for it. They...
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    Help Please

    So today i was at my Dad's on his HD telly with my PS3, and now i have gone back to my boring old telly without HD but the setting on my PS3 is still HD so i have come to play it and now the picture wont come up, does anyone know how to fix this?
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    Arsenal's Glory

    I have been playing an Arsenal save and im a fair few seasons in and i have managed miracles with them :) the screens are here and if you want anymore just state which ones you want In my first season i won the Premier league and in my 2nd season i did not win anything, i came 3rd in the...
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    Stoke City's Thirst For Glory

    Edited by me ............................................... The Title and Picture speaks for itself wont be starting this till tomorrow though.
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    Aston Villa - The Break For The Top 4

    Hello, I recently started a sunderland thread but I got sacked, So I would like to start an Aston Villa thread. Advice Appreciated. ................. Yesterday the shock of Martin O'Neil's departure from Aston Villa has left them wondering who will be there replacement, The player who had...
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    Your Favourite Story

    What has been your favourite story on FM, it could be any of the FM series, but what has been your favourite story you have done, peace out
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    Sunderland A.F.C

    Sunderland - The Best In The North East I'm doing a story with Sunderland, done well so far. Transfers In <; Delfouneso £10 mil Faubert £9 mil - £4 mil now - £5 mil over 24 months Edu Bedia - Free Transfers Out >; None Results -; Chelsea ( A ) - 0 - 3 Man City ( H ) - 3 - 1 Liverpool ( A ) 1 -...
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    Newcastle Utd - Fifa 10

    I will be posting my progress on FIFA here and will match what i do on Fifa with FM 10 it will be on World Class and im not very good at the game so dont be expecting miracles:) First Game - Barnsley - 1 - 0 (W) Peter Lovenkrands scored a header to give Newcastle the 3 points ---------- Post...
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    iPod Help

    So i have a (new) laptop and on my iPod i have my songs but on my iTunes library it has no songs and i have tried to find a way to get my songs off my iPod and on to my iTunes library but can't find a way... does anybody know how to. Help appreciated :)
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    Fifa 2004

    in my opinion best fifa there is YouTube- FIFA 2004 - my 11 goals and gameplay this video - i know the guy is playing it on amateur but c'mon look at the goals... there brilliant
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    Tottenham's Journey

    (nicked from Keith Herrity(Hope you dont mind mate)) Today, Harry Redknapp has been sacked. There is only one man who can take the job. The first black man to score in an FA Cup final(Wikipedia) One of the most irratating Pundits on TV there is Any Ideas ---------- Post added at 03:31 PM...
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    Right, so i have a new laptop and i have downloaded FMRTE, and i have downloaded the framework thing. i can use it perfect but on my old laptop i could right click the fm sign in my games folder and it would come up ''run data editor'' and ''resource archives'' but it doesnt do that anymore. but...
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    My Real Madrid Story

    I am starting a Real Madrid save and would like to post my progress here. I begin with a 97 mil budget and 1.62 mil on my wage budget, I will try to push for more in both categories. I'm aiming for the La Liga and The Champions League Hope You Enjoy.
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    What is wrong with this team?

    Hello, i'm Arsenal and my team is weird? i beat chelsea 2-1 but lose to stoke with the same tactics and team?
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    FM Base UEFA Europa League

    This is for the people who have finished the CL challenge or didn't manage to get in there or DC's 1 Off Challenge. There will be 4 groups of 4 so thats 16 and the teams will be; Everton Aston Villa Fulham Tottenham We will be using the 2009/10 season db...
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    Should he be banned?

    Should Chimbomba be banned because of his nastiness and spamming?
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    World Footballer Of The Year Vote

    I'm the England manager and my assistant keeps reminding me to vote for the World Footballer Of The Year award, So how do i do this? ---------- Post added at 01:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:50 PM ---------- anyone?
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    New Database!!

    I've seen on recent threads that people would like database's with the teams in the premier league swapped with lower league teams and thats exactly what i've done with the Blue Square Premier League, Premier League; AFC Wimbledon Altrincham Barrow Cambridge Chester Crawley Eastbourne Boro...