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    Scoring few

    Hey, currently im managing FC Erfurt in 3rd German division, and i'm 4th in the league (so far so good even though i was predicted by media 14th). The problem is, i'm not scoring very often, although i have the best defence in the league with most clean sheets. I've attached screenshot of my...
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    Free Agents

    quality free agents for Erfurt in 3rd German Division?
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    Fleetwood Town

    Hey guys, i've started a game with Fleetwood Town, and i need some cheap, free players, especially DM and wingers..any ideas? thanks and who should i get rid of?
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    Everton 1st season

    Hi, i play first season with Everton and my formation is 4-3-2-1 with 3 CM, what players would you recommend me? My budget in summer was around 4 mil €, I sold Hibbert a buy Darko Lazovic. I tried to buy Okore but he wasn't interested, Wanyama was too expensive. Thanks
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    Malaga, 1st season, CM

    hi im looking for central midfielder for malaga, i have budget about 40m € any suggestion?