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    Tactic to test?

    Have taken the time to put these formations together as per the article. Only Player instructions he advised was for the wingers which I have added. Rather than have them lost in middle of someone else's post I created a new thread for them.. Kudos to the person who posted this original thread...
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    4-1-1-4 / 4-3-3 Thought I would post up my interpretation of the 2 tactics this guy posted on twitter.. No idea what style he went with so chose Gegenpress. No idea...
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    Stardust 3 -2-3-2

    I'll give it a whirl.. Love a good offensive tactic.. How does it cope against balls over the top?
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    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    It was! And best of all CM0102 is available as a free download. Add to that there is a site dedicated to it that makes updates for it!
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    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    CM0102 Wael Reyad Agahowa Mark Kerr Selakovic Taribo West Mike Duff Nostalgia!
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    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    Onguene is a beast at times.. Wober keeps getting snapped up by chelsea. Another I try and get is Paulo Diaz (Chile DC - £3.8m) from River Plate. I refused 3 bids from PSG for him (3 lowball bids of £18m, £23m and then £20m plus £9.5m in extras - his value was £25m) he became unhappy.. But i...
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    4-4-2-0 Control Posession

    Anyone had a chance to try it out yet?
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    4-4-2-0 Control Posession V1

    My very first attempt at making and uploading a tactic.. so please take it easy on me. Any feedback greatly appreciated. I chose this formation due to : A : Players I had at my disposal at the time B : Wanted a formation which was solid but yet reasonably flexible (At times of desperate need...
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    4-4-2-0 Control Posession

    Topofthekop uploaded 4-4-2-0 Control Posession Leave feedback below.
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    Tactic missing..

    Created a tactic on FMT but can't see it in folder to import to full game.. Any idea why?
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    Tactics from around the world
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    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    Scott McKenna - DC - Aberdeen - Between 4.5m and 8.5m - Will sign for championship clubs too. 2nd season - Jetro Willems - anywhere between 2m and 4.5m Sergio Rico - got him for bargain 2.1m as was listed.. solid Lwb Ryan Fredericks - another signed cheap, Pacey Rwb Emile Smith-Rowe - If...
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    Penalties, are they still bugged?

    I don't think so.. I can't recall seeing too many given for me or the opposition in just over a season and half