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    sir goalalot

    try steam workshop
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    Another reason this game is dead for this season...

    just a pity you can roll back and play the beta match engine,yeah i know it had many faults but its better then the current one.
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    How to beat teams better than you?

    as titled ,domestictly not much of a problem but european games get absolutely owned by teams.
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    Are you enjoying Football Manager 2020?

    quick tutorial plz of how to do it.
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    Are you enjoying Football Manager 2020?

    like before any updates how?
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    Answered Juventus -> Zebre??

    or go x86 data ,and delete everything mentioned zebre
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    523sirjur att

    the one with 3 cb,2wb,1dm,3cm,1cf
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    523sirjur att

    liked your lone striker version last year,very good on the counter attack the more they attacked the better.
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    Is this the worse FM in the last 5 years?

    my opinion yes!
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    why is my tactics still awkward in all categories?

    in january,been using the same 3 tactics all season.
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    international job glitch maybe?

    Was managing Marseille and in my 3rd season and fancied an international job and took over Serbia for the 2022 WC so in 2021 end of the 4th season with them(marseille) getting approached for jobs but never getting one,so resigned and applied for others same thing zip. fast forward a year...
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    Is the bosman gone?

    i'm just entered jan 2021 and i am playing as Marseille and when i go to see if i can offer a contract( approach to sign) it isnt showing for any player that option or is it a bug
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    how do get supporters to appear?

    i've played 7-8 games but theirs no crowd in background,i've checked preferences should be ok but isnt???
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    suscribing on steam to an edited database help?

    just suscribed ,and its downloaded on steam but how do i put it in the edt data folder?
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    How do stop the onslaught?

    What do i mean ,it doesnt matter what i do it comes i can be1-0,2-0,3-0 or even 4-1 but no matter what decision i make ,doing nothing get pegged back,going defensive get pegged back or going all out get pegged back. Now i can understand getting a draw from 1 or 2 nil down but in upteen matches...