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  1. TheFM_Teacher

    Sporting Lisbon - Creating an all-Portuguese Club!

    So end of the first season with Sporting Lisbon. I was set the challenge by one of my Twitch viewers to build an all Portuguese club (excluding myself as an English manager). The first season has been a journey, from the threat of being sacked following what could be classified as a disaster in...
  2. TheFM_Teacher

    Dryland Orient FC - A Community Football Manager Club - The Forum

    Recently, I posted an article about Dryland Orient FC, a Football Manager club that is the brainchild of DeaconEnterainment. After much deliberation, Deacon and I have decided to turn the save into a post on this very forum which allows us to bring both the FM Base, DeaconEntertainment and the...
  3. TheFM_Teacher

    FM Teacher's Back 3 Tactics

    TheFM_Teacher uploaded FM Teacher's Back 3 Tactics Leave feedback below.
  4. TheFM_Teacher

    Recruitment: Looking for Writers

    We're looking for writers to contribute to the Articles section of the FM Base website. FM Base is looking to do a big push on written content in 2020 with the addition of various guides, tactical pieces. We will also be working on the creation of a Wiki to cover all the aspects of Football...
  5. TheFM_Teacher

    FM20: The FM Teacher's Paradise in Prague

    Those that know of my holiday in the summer of 2019 will know that I went to the Czech Republic’s capital Prague with the intention of seeing as many football grounds as possible. The history of Eastern European football has fascinated me for many years. After visiting Prague, I was inspired to...