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    Player Ratings going up and down...

    So I'm just in the summer transfer window heading into my second season with Gateshead, who have been promoted to League 2 and I've noticed something particularly odd happen from the 10th of July onward, and this is that randomly all the players in my squad, and any player I may scout will have...
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    How to sign Vadillo and Moises for Athletic Bilbao?

    Just started a new save on the latest patch, and they are not interested in joining my club at all. With the Basque players and only Spanish Under 16s rule i have limited options as to who i can buy, so i really need these players. As Vadillo becomes 17 in September, and Moises the month after...
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    Manchester United start of 4th season

    I feel i need to buy someone, mainly back up. I have slightly edited a United tactic on here to suit me more, this has led to 3 successive premier leagues 1 europa league, 1 league cup, 2 fa cups and 1 champions league. The first champions league final i destroyed Real Madrid 6-1. The second one...
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    Feel free to leave all good messages below;)
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    The easiest way to transfer a save from one laptop to another>

    I don't have a USB stick anymore, so i need another way. Could i email it to myself from one laptop to another?
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    Forest Green Rovers - 3rd season in league 1...

    I need a... Good Goalkeeper A rightback and left back and a Deep Lying forward I have barely any money but i can get a few hundred thousand if i changed the wage budget, anyone you can reccomend that would possibly want to come to a league 1 club?
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    Sheffield Wednesday Start of second season

    Hello, got SWFC to win the league and win the Johnstones Paint Trophy convincingly in my first season, and have now got promoted to the Championship, where i am in need of a few players... A big factor to my success was with the help of loanees Ravel Morrison(AML- Inside Forward) and Paul Pogba...
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    Add/Remove leagues?

    Just a question that hopefully someone can answer? For example when the actual game is out, and say i add in the Brazillian league, will it load all players from the league? Probs a stupid question but i like chicken.
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    This game is Destroying my laptop.

    Well recently i have been playing with Sheffield united, trying to take them to the premier league, but that has been cut short seeing as this ******* game decideds to crash on the 22nd of January 2011 when i try to play goole town or whatever they are callled, but not only does the game crash...
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    Sheffield FC (not UNITED or WEDNESDAY)

    i was just wondering if there are any of the User made updates that contain Sheffield FC as i would like maybe one last challenge before fm12(i can last one game for months) and if so which update is the best to download download? would also appreciate any help of possible signings aswell ;)...
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    Danny Graham and Adam Rooney (no i dont want them compared, look inside)

    In my current game i am due to sign Adam Rooney for free at the end of the season and Danny Graham im planning on buying due to his contract expiring soon, but what im wondering is what role should i give them, and what role would suit them best and maybe any other little tactics to help them...
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    Gareth Bale wing back attack ?

    ive been messing around with a united save recently to check out youth and try and make morrison keane and pogba amazing, well ive started my third season and evra is getting on a bit hes maybe got 2 or 3 seasons but i like to think to the future. with my formation i have De gea Rafal vidic...
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    Looking for TALL FAST Strikers

    so i basically want a target man who is fast, i noticed yaya Sanogo is a tall fast striker on my 12 season Sheffield Wednesday game but im getting bored of it so started again as spurs. At the moment i have 13 million but am selling some players to raise a lot more money :P Thanks in advance.
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    Ravel Morrison, Will Keane and Paul Pogba

    Ive recently started a Manchester United save so i can have a break from my 9 year Sheffield Wednesday save. I have constantly heard of Three Names in Uniteds Reserve and youth games these names being morrison pogba and keane so i know they have potentiel in real life but ive watched them...
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    Blue screen of DEATH :(

    i have just got the blue screen of death sadly :( and i dont know much about it :( but is my computer going to die. and what can i do to save it ? lately i have noticed my computer has been a bit odd sometimes it will freeze completly forcing me to just press the on/off switch and its done that...
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    libor kozak ? anyone used him ?

    would he be good enough for a championship sheffield wednesday :P just as a target man in a 3 man attack :P it works alright with gary madine but libor kozak is taller with... or if you cant see the image...
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    anybody own an adidas peachtree watch ? :P

    bit random i know :P but i recently bought one and noticed it is running a little bit fast so has this happened with anyone else and how can i change it so it runs normally ? i used the time on my computer for the time on my watch but i woke up this morning and notice my watch was a few minutes...
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    which tactic 5-2-3 or 4-1-3-2?

    4-1-2-3 is gk dr dc dc dl dm mc mc st st st this is for my sheffield wednesday save and i have verkhovstov from naftan as defensive mid but i was wondering if it would be better to move him back to defense next to beevers and johnson with ostemobor and spurr wing backs but play dr dl :P ...
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    New Sheffield Wednesday game...

    im planning on starting another one after my board sold all my good players anyway has anyone got any ideas on who to sign i know a few people but would like your opinions i have 1.4 million and will probably sell some of the **** ones in my squad :P im mainly looking for strikers and...
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    cant the board...

    ... just get ******* lost last season i was semi finals or the playoffs last season and the wankers step in and sell 3 of my best players and now this season im struggling thanks to these ******** anyway i can stop this or am i just going to have to start again.