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    Viva Mexico!!!! - A Chivas and Mexico story.

    One of the very, very few names I recognise on here! Thought I would come back for a look - will follow Klippy, will also binge your other...
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    A Breath of Belief - James McKenzie

    A Road to Glory - A Breath of Belief A James McKenzie Story "Excellent session, James. Thanks for coming along." the Orkney FA president said as he gripped my hand for a firm shake. I'd been put on a boat up to Orkney for a week over the Easter School holidays to do sessions with the...
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    Returning to a Game that Broke a Boy

    *Thanks Lippo for the graphic* I wouldn't necessarily say football ruined my life, but it ruined my life. I'd be mad to return to the one thing that almost had me pushed over the edge. The one thing that stopped me was my little girl, Ella, but at the same time she wasn't supposed to happen...
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    Finally! Dynamic Rivalries?

    Thoughts? Definitely interesting and we've been calling for it for ages.
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    A Breath of Belief - Making It

    Okay -Road to Glory is not finished (read it though, if you haven't!)! James McKenzie has a lot still to conquer BUT I wanted something new. This may end up being a 15 page story, it may die after 4 or catch up with Road to Glory and I appreciate all the following there and it will return but I...
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    Women's Football on FM

    I'm not great with the editor, so I have no idea how plausible it would be - but sure I have seen posts in the past regarding Women's Football on FM. Anyone know of anything for the current FM, or even interest? I know Miles wants to introduce it once there is 10 Pro Leagues
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    BUG? Players on Holiday - Season Play Offs Still to Go

    Right, Matchday 30 in the South African Second Tier We were 2 points behind play offs, we needed the win. Everyone played on Saturday BAR BLACK LEOPARDS, who played Sunday. We needed them to draw or lose in order to finish in the play offs. They lost 1-0 but since we played our last game on...
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    Player Availability for RES/U19

    Quick question; See when it comes through saying Why can't I say Player A is available for ONE game, rather than ongoing or until fit?
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    Road to Glory : The Manager

    Unemployed with Sunday League experience and a lack of qualifications. Wanted to do this with the mega League pack but couldn't get it installed, inspired after seeing SecondYellowCards Icon Series on YouTube. // I was born in the North of Scotland but spent a little bit of time in France...
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    How Hard Have You Raged?

    Football Manager is a beautiful game but every now and then you find yourself in a huge game and you missed a clear cut chance just for the opposition to score in the last minute, or you have players crying about not playing first team football despite the season not started. But what I want...
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    [PLAYER] The Left Foot From Alsace

    After a very poor career from the Half-Italian, Scotsman who was sent to America it's time to really spice it up with innocent youngster Jeremy Gotaga. The Frenchman fell in love with football at a very young age and was in pure awe at the greatness of Thierry Henry at Arsenal. He was picked...
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    Another Player Just Trying to Play

    Yo, another player story! Loved a few of the ones so far, especially Lippo and the Leedsfans ones. Hoping to include a little 'story' with mine. Same PA/CA as the majority. PLAYER FACTS: Name - Calum James DoB - 17th May 1998 PoB - Aberdeen, Scotland // Calum James spent the majority...
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    From the Football League to Champions League

    CRAWLEY TOWN FC​ After finally settling with FM2014, I decided I would take on Crawley Town. I began to follow them after their FA Cup run that took them to Old Trafford so when I was looking for a football league side to manage I was instantly drawn to them. I'll be looking to continue...
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    LIVERPOOL FC - On the Road Again..

    LIVERPOOL F.C - On the Road Again... Liverpool Football Club, a club with a fantastic history, an unbelievable fanbase and a club who have had their fair share of great players and managers alike in the past. Ranging from Kenny Dalgleish to Steven Gerrard, Djimi Traore to Stewart Downing...
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    To the Top & Back - An FC Utrecht Story

    Just a second story, will return too the other one soon. Will switch back and fourth. Hesselink to Utrecht! Jan Hesselink, who has been Ajax' Head of Youth Recruitment has left for FC Utrecht, in a bizarre turn of events. He has taken the job with rivals Utrecht on a one-year deal, if...
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    To Dundee United and Beyond!

    Hello! For those of you who do not know, I had set-out to do something excitingly well with SPL side, Aberdeen but I had issues with the save. Now I have a new story. Let's start. (This OP will consist of news about my first club and aims and ambitions.) --- Dundee United hire ex-star, Derek...
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    Aberdeen Football Club - The Story

    Alright, well! I have decided to do a long term save, I've struggled to dig my teeth into a save so far with FM13 but I've decided to give this one a real go. After reading through Stonecold's story with Aberdeen I decided I had to try them out. I am a Rangers fan myself so we'll see how this...
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    Wolves - Aiming for the sky!

    Stale Solbakken Surprisingly walks out - as quick has he walked in! Only a few days ago we were announcing that Stale Solbakken had been given the Wolves job, today we are announcing that he has left his post. The Norwegian told us earlier on via phone: "They were expecting to much and...
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    Battling with the Pentagon Challenge

    CantGetEnoughofJelavic' attempt at beating the pentagon Hey guys, so after reading a few others' attempts at the incredibly difficult & long Pentagon Challenge - I've decided to test my skills and take it on! Hope you all follow my journey, and I hope to complete it. Season 1 - 12/13 - Jomo...
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    Being: Brendan Rodgers

    Being: Brendan Rodgers "Welcome to Anfield, Mr Rodgers." Thomas Werner's thick American accent meeting me as I came through the door. "Pleasure to be here, sir." I responded, extending my right hand. "Come on through to my office, we need to discuss terms and what you would and could...